Rejected Edits: Yeah, Jerm’s Back

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With an overwhelming 63% of the vote, you guys asked for it…

There seems to be no end to the need for approval by our peers in the world of snowboarding, so lucky for you, we have another issue of rejected edits with Jerm. I’m not rejecting these edits to belittle or upset you, it’s just my way of saying get back out there, you can do it better. But if you would rather get pissed and hate me that’s fine.

Weekly Quickie #3 from Fundaprod

At first I was amped to see some Bolton Valley, my old stomping grounds. Then I was just happy it was so dark I couldn’t see any of the riding. Here’s an idea guys, open up an Internet window and play one of Yobeat’s not rejected edits. In another window open up your edit. Compare the two, and keep doing this until they are of similar skill levels. And if I were you, I wouldn’t put mine or my friends names in those edits, once the girls at your school see this you’re going to have no chance at getting any.

Sunday at Big Boulder from Phoster Films

Lets recap this one, no grab method, weird frontboard, backside zeach (very well executed by the way), failed 180 tailpress, misty flip?! and a squirrely front lip sameway is your ender? Also I think you guys have some spine issues, every time you land, you fold in half. Do you really think someone else outside of your circle of friends is going to be stoked on this and want to watch more than 35 seconds?

BRRR Treats from Matt Turner

I’m rejecting this one simply because a Bachelor edit with the Tre Squad is like a Bit Bear edit without Bradshaw — it just doesn’t feel right. Sorry guys. But hey, you still got your edit posted on Yobeat.

Self Shreddit from M Vee Productions

Bold move sending in a self “shreddit,” there’s no one else to receive the blame for the poor riding but yourself. I’m glad to see you were able to get a hold of the X Games guys and get the rights to use Mega-Mo for that epic girl style mule kick method, though. Oh and the ender is pure gold, one of the most proper bs zeach to switch I’ve ever seen.

Cold Chicken Wings from the Cats of Anarchy

This is a tough one, I wish I could grade this edit instead of just pass/fail. It had some good things, the one dudes method was on point as were some of the rail moves. But then there were some things I could have done without: the swivels, reverts, fast forwarding, and shooting into the sun. I give this edit a B.

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  1. RAD
    RAD says:

    Jerm got a sex change at 15 because he wanted to be a pro snowboarder and the only way to do that was to enter girl contests… he still sucked too much so he cut his hair and began hating on internet videos. He is now marginally famous in the snowboard industry, and he is super stoked on it… but he still has a vagina from the sex change.

    hate you too jerm,


  2. chuuch
    chuuch says:

    way to hold down hood jerm. maybe if you pulled the huge tre squad dick out of your ass matts edit wouldn’t of been rejected. chuuuuuch muthafuka

  3. Ralph
    Ralph says:

    Hey Rad,

    Jerm already thought about that, it was a good scheme. Then he realized if he had a vag your butt wouldn’t be so hurt.

  4. lame
    lame says:

    NO park edit except the hyland stuff and sunday in the park is worth watching. That said, please let Jerm do the rejections, all those attention hungry, delusional idiots who think some boring lines in their local park is gonna get them props need to be put the fuck down and he’s doing it hilariously well!! Get some backcountry or street stuff up here, I haven’t seen any of that in way too long!!

  5. Danger
    Danger says:

    Jerm, gettin soft in your old age. A “B” seriously. Here’s what you missed about that edit. Its filmed at Mammoth with no Main Park footy, I know 13 year old girls with wider stances (and they snowboard better), swivels are last week, not just one revert but two in between jumps. It’s like that stupid double rainbow video, i don’t understand either, and both are 2 times gay. Someone give me a chance at this, Jerm is losing his touch. (Plus, first BV edit is actually Jerm wanting to get his footy online, but he had to come up with a clever way so people wouldn’t think it was him.)

  6. truth is
    truth is says:

    matthew turner killed the mt bachelor park. tre squad is tight too, but saying only tre can make edits from bachelor is stupid. thats like saying only one crew can shred park city or brighton, but guess what! yobeat posts tons of different crews, destroying those parks. just like matt destroyed bachelor’s park, while so did tre squad, the hood crew, tranny finders or whoever else. it’s dumb to only give one crew a chance, were all out there having fun and just snowboarding. isnt that what yobeat’s really supposed to be about? did anyone read the “old gold” story that was posted? snowboarding isnt about being better than the other guys, its about helping the other guys get better, supporting each other and really bringing out what’s truly important in snowboarding: the passion. we all do this for the love and joy of snowboarding. we all do it for fun.

  7. Fonzie
    Fonzie says:

    I thought the Matt Turner edit was pretty legit. No ‘crew’ owns a mountain seeing as everyone that pays good money for a pass/lift ticket has the right to be there. The other edits had some good moments, but most others were… yikes.

  8. lame
    lame says:

    I think everyone of you missed a couple reading classes in school because the comment to matthew turner’s clip is saying, that a bachelor edit WITH the tre squad doesn’t feel right, now don’t he?!

  9. lame
    lame says:

    plus what’s supposed to be so dope about his clip?? the failed 180 switch 5-0s or the thousand blunts and tails 270 out?

    • admin
      admin says:

      For the record, Matt’s edit mainly got sent to Jerm because the interlacing makes it unwatchable. Please edit in the right size timeline and/or learn to export your videos. thanks!

  10. Jeremiah Faguette
    Jeremiah Faguette says:

    watch some of my edits. i do backside and frontside zeach slides. I am also worse than you at snowboarding.

  11. mn
    mn says:

    i liked matt turner and the first kid in the mammoth vid. who cares about the stance, he was good. people need to stop crying, jerm is making jokes. learn what that is you crybabies

  12. mn
    mn says:

    ps. jerm has hated on me for years on reelcomp.. unfortunately, it’s just something that is going to happen, just like the reproduction of mormons.

  13. jim
    jim says:

    i think yobeat should grade all of the reject edits… pluses minuses… pleasure to have in class and so on

  14. Eric
    Eric says:

    The Bachelor edit and last kid were actually descent. They didn’t deserve to be rejected. Jerm is not as good at snowboarding as either of those kids

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