Working for the City: Hyland

Seems like we may be witnessing the next round of riders to watch with this one. Just sayin. Also, the park at Hyland is so artsy!

Riders: Brandon Larson, Dan Liedahl, Bliktor Dimco, Blake Rhodes-Reid, Bruce Bruce, Fronius.
Edit: Jon Stark

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  1. Jimbo
    Jimbo says:

    For the record… never do a tuck-knee with a skinny stance. You look like a total homo made gayer only by the skinny jeans you rock when your riding…

    that said, this video was fucking rad. 1817 always has good shreding

  2. Jean Blanc
    Jean Blanc says:

    awesome edit. but that mustache just kills it. i dont care how many frontisde blunts you smoke down those poles, or how many 360 rewinds you attempt, without properly trimmed facial hair it just isnt snowboarding.

  3. Blake Geis
    Blake Geis says:

    jimbo are you really still hung up on how tight some other dudes pants are? You do understand how hypocritical it is to call someone a homo for the clothes they wear right? not even homosexuals get that gay.

  4. Dino-Bites
    Dino-Bites says:

    Jimbo for how much you comment on this site, you still have not shown your awesome riding abilities. Please, post an edit of your ridiculously good style and enlighten us all with how cool you are.

  5. Jack
    Jack says:

    I was just at hyland and its the funnest place to ride, and you cant hate on it if you’ve never been there. 1817 kills it.

  6. karnkarn
    karnkarn says:

    epic tricks and snuf, gotta be the best park for the amount of elevation there or anywhere.. crazy 7, nose pressys, dans stylie, all of it ooooo h.

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