Mountain Creek’s Third Rail


Oh gawd, another rail jam video! But don’t worry, this little edit is actually of a private shoot with Aaron Blatt and it’s totally artsy and only has one skier.

Riders: Chris Beresford and Mountain Creek locals Tom Weiss, Kade Madsen, Timmy Kempson, Brett Struthers and friends.
Edit: Jay Cagney

Check out the actually contest edit where top honors went to Dom Luza here.

  • Creek4Life

    Jersey Killing It! Sick edit.

  • blah

    that down rail is way too tall.

  • Marc

    That hand rail is built to standard stair railing height. get a grip.

  • ButchCassidy

    Sick editing and filming man. Also the set up looks so fun!

  • matt

    i demand hardbodies

  • bleh

    marc obviously does’nt understand sarcasm

  • jerm

    making all those snow stairs must have taken so long.

  • yoyougotfruit

    hmmmm, that rail…

  • frumaseed

    what was that for just a secret sesh? sweet setup

  • haha

    put all that work into making snow stairs then the rail was practically ride on

  • Scott

    ^^ right? Its still a fun setup to ride though. that donkey is gnarly!

  • Kitzke

    i bet they said that rail was set up street style too haha

  • tom weiss last trick killed it! that was burly.

  • ugh.

    he fell off the box 2 feet early on that last trick. dang yo. this vid was weak

  • shamwowszers

    you know a photog shot the video when its 100% static shotz

  • Hard

    I wish they let the riders know there was a filmer…

  • dick

    ^right? woulda made a way better edit. most un-organized photo shoot ever

  • The Dwa

    NIce hand work. looks great. Nice to see a 413 rider in too