Sur La Rue: One of Those Weeks

I spent the week in Quebec City again, where things could have gone a bit better. The snow wasn’t so great. Some of the spots we tried to hit were actually surrounded by grass, which is a bit unusual for Quebec (coldest place on earth) during January. We did what we could to film some stuff anyway. We got busted a few times, broke a few shovels and burned some gas. Cavan almost lost a wheel on his truck while driving on the highway and the generator gave up on a night we really needed it… Some weeks are just like that though, next week should be better.

I first met up with the crew where Marie was with Cavan and Laurent was alone. I wish I had a photo of it, but Laurent wore the same t-shirt all week that said, “Satan rides alone.” Classy.

Here’s a shovel I bought a few days ago and it already gave up on us. Snow was so fucking hard that even metal shovels were breaking, kinda bad…Laurent was making fun of it.

We shoveled this spot for a while to make it work and right when we were about to start riding, that pissed off cop rolled in and told us that what we were doing didn’t make any sense. He was seriously really frustrated. Here’s our photographer for the week, Barker, trying to seduce the cop…didn’t work.

To forget about the whole thing we went to “Mondo.” It is a fancy restaurant. Well, kinda fancy, but not really. Laurent was really stoked about his expensive meal and was showing off.

Half meal, even more stoked.

We ended up playing credit card roulette for dinner. Laurent lost and had to pay. No longer stoked.

After food, we set up that spot to be ready to ride it once it gets dark. Handy-girl Marie, filing down a screw coming out the rail.

Cavan here, doing what he’s doing the best, breaking things. The generator didn’t want to work that night so we just went home and listen to some Yung Humma.

Third times a charm. We gave the spot one more try the day after.

Now I’m actually packing my stuff to move outside Quebec. Next we’re going to the country of the Vikings…

Somewhere around there.

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