Kick the Critters Mini Movie


Two crews, one day. They laughed, they cried, they sort of want to give you a seizure. But if you like heart, soul and fast boarding, than you may enjoy this six-minute mini film collaboration from Kick the Bucket and Critters.

  • lobo

    270 to fakie on a kicker?
    thats some next level shit

  • Cash Mony Corradaa

    Critters are the doooodes. TImberline needs to build parks like this

  • dude

    Jeff Holce is a fag, Andrew Aldridge is dope. Critters sucks, thanks for the 6:52 of shaky cam

  • Kevin Maples


  • smerc

    FUCK YEA. wit it.

  • bb

    that looked like fun!


  • Did I spy with my little eye a Bearcub Mandela and up-and-coming boarder Cooper “fastest fingers” Thomas?