Get Your 15 Minutes on Strap’d 2.0

You probably don’t remember Strap’d 1.0. It was short lived, and honestly we only knew about it cause they wrote about us once and we followed the back link. But don’t worry about that, because the new is way, way better. Here’s the note we got about the relaunch from founder Jeremy Landy.

I am super exited about this site and i think it will positive impact on snowboarders. I am trying to create a place to share videos in a competitive atmosphere that gives kids the means to get their name out and support snowboarding crews through cash incentives.

And who doesn’t like self promotion with cash incentives? Go check it out, sign up, and upload your GoPro videos now!

  • olympia

    you know whats cool? NOT snowboarding with a GoPro. Take your myspace photo shoots somewhere else.

  • olympia

    I take back that last line…take your myspace photo shoots there

  • jerm

    a video hosting site started by the same people who tried to get me kicked off another video hosting site? sounds cool.