bHappy Goes to SLC


bHappy’s bFooty from their trip to bSLC. Actually, it’s not called bSLC, but that would be convenient.

Riders: Sammy Spiteri, Colton Morgan, Gared Schneider, Bryce Hymans
Edit: Paul Heran


  • matt

    yessssssss. despicable me.

  • where is all the colton b footy?

  • mainer

    is that rail by the stadium at the university of utah or somewhere else, i’ve never been able to find it

  • toby

    colt and sammy clean a mean bathroom

  • Colt only has A+ footy, Blake.

  • Looks Fun!

  • cole atencio

    Looked fun doods! Bummed I missed It!

  • hUh

    nomis has boards now?

  • tristan

    looked fun.. i wanna see more

  • spencer

    so happy….

  • kneegrow

    Fuck Reverse Camber Fags