Mammoth’s X-Replica

For our huge following of people hoping to get second place in the X Games this year, we have good news! Mammoth Mountain has assembled a literal training facility, in the form of a 22 foot superpipe (which opens Saturday) and a recreation of the 2011 X Slope course, based on the official renderings. There’s also a BX course (yep, they still do that) and the AcroBag up and running to learn your doubles.

Now we know what you’re thinking! Won’t this give Mammoth locals an unfair advantage and ruin the surprise of seeing this amazing course for the first time on TV? Oh you weren’t thinking that? Well, the purveyors of the X Games must be, because they apparently do not find this very cool. Bummer dudes. Anyway,  Mammoth sent us some pictures. We like pictures.

Photos by Peter Morning.

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  1. Jimbo
    Jimbo says:

    I love that ESPN is pissed about this… as if they copyrighted that particular setup or something. Those guys need to just eat a sweaty jock-strap

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