Sur La Rue: New Years in Quebecois

Christmas was rough, a lot of cheering and a lot of food. Then New Year came and it was kind of the same deal, more party than snowboard, but it was good. I normally go back to my parents’ place and spend new years with them, but this year I felt like partying with my friends, so I did. After a day of recovery on the 1st, I spent a few days filming around Quebec with Larry and MFR.

It rained on the day of New Years, so everything got super icy and kinda hard to build anything, which limited our options for filming. I never planned on going back to the infamous Red Ledge, and I didn’t really have any tricks to do on it, but somehow we went. And… ended up trying some stuff.

We went to this spot where there was dog shit everywhere! It was retarded how much poop there was. We would shovel poop, step into poop and at some point you would have poop on yourself, but you didn’t have any idea where it was from.

I was on the drop in ramp strapping in and I realized there was crap on my toe strap. It took me a while get it all off.

After-session food. A nice poutine from Chez Ashton.

On the 31th, I went to ride the resort with Greg D and Nick Sauvé. It rained the night before so it kinda sucked…we instantly went to..


Then the count down for the new year came. Photo is blurry I know…I did my best.

We stayed in Stoneham, a resort where I live, the whole time. The resort was covered in ice, so we hiked up and slid on these mattresses. It was pretty fast and a bunch of people made it in the woods. Don’t worry, nobody got hurt!

Tomorrow I’m leaving Quebec City to go film somewhere else. Until then…Happy New Year!

  • Gerg!

    Is it true that there are still no jumps in Quebec (Stoneham, St. Anne, Tremblant etc..)?

  • P-O

    there is jumps in almost every mountain in quebec but i went to st-anne last week and there was no jumps but the park is sooo sick and stoneham’s too

  • BenB

    Bonne annee Lavigne!

  • joe

    rains the optimum for going top speed
    sharp edges are good for ice and rails

  • le relais has jumps. RCR sucks. BOYCOTT RCR