The Runs Episode 5: Mammoth!


This week’s episode of The Runs comes to us all the way from California. EB homeys Kevin and Sean Bicknell are now living out in Mammoth (where it actually snows) and they have been killing it, so watch the edit they, along with Adam Metterville, made for us. Includes riding from Kevin, Sean, Adam, Andrew Santoro, Andrew McKenzie, and Cody Kuehne.

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Check back next week for Moore footage, and a new Episode of The Runs, a weekly collaboration between YoBeat and Eastern Boarder.

  • Hah, way to break the homo-weld off the rail. Fuckin ski-patrol is whack for making park staff put that shit on there in the first place…

  • bobbyo

    bicknell brothers killing it

  • Jimbo sucks still

    Hey Jimbo, it makes it better so you can polejam it. Its really not dangerous with or without it, skipatrol dont make them put it on, maybe they do, but who cares. Man your a kook. So this is a good pow edit? Those lines through the trees looked epic. It was probly on the way back to the chairlift from the park. Jimbro, i’ll be back every three months to make fun of you. PRESENTED BY YOBEAT.

  • derek


  • Fonzie

    Looks like a fun park, makes me stoked for the weekend I have planned there in February. Isn’t everyone gonna hate on the swivels though? :p

  • the only thing good about this is doom… and the hideous swivels *happy fonz?*

  • minnesotanice

    I liked the puppy footage the most.

  • wtf

    swivels are gay as aids

  • dave

    koon and bga killing it toro!

  • kneegrow

    do I really have to be the one to ask why EASTERN boarder is making a westcoast mammoth edit?

  • because sometimes people from the east coast move out west.

  • Metterville

    Tron is my hero!!!!!!

  • jeff loves swivels and dicks