Rejected Edits: Screw You and Your Pow Edit


Not so long ago you were rarely forced to watch everyone one else ride powder. This was mainly because riding powder is too fun to be bothered with filming it. It’s just not worth sitting around to film while your friend does a perfect pow slash, and even if you are that big of a nerd, you didn’t want to bring out the camera and get it buried in snow. But as we all well know, GoPros have changed all that, and now it’s easier than ever to film yourself, your friends, and your stupid pow turns. So guess what! No one REALLY wants to watch you ride powder. In fact, as fun as it is to do is EXACTLY how NOT fun it is to watch. (Not to mention you are clearly only filming it to make everyone else jealous, jerk.) For that reason, we’re officially rejecting every pow edit we were sent this week, right here, right now!

I Like White Stuff in my Mouth by Critters

The Critters Crew is really taking this whole homo eroticism thing that seems to be so popular right now to the next level with that title. It even starts out kinda funny. But then, it’s mostly a video of them doing powder turns with a camera in their hands, and I’m not there, so I don’t care!

One Run at Snoqualmie by Jacob Mandell

Jacob took a pow run at Snoqualmie. Do you feel like you were there!? Nah, I feel like I am sitting on my ass staring at a computer screen, too. Thanks for rubbing it in Jacob.

Backyard Blizzard by Aaron Miller

Aaron now lives in the Pacific Northwest, so this video of him working so hard to get a single pow slash in his parents’ backyard in West Virginia is actually sort of amusing. But technically, it’s still a pow edit. Sorry bro.

Happy Holidays from NARK

Watching people’s faces as they ride pow is so boring, I don’t even want to watch SWEET PROS do it. They make it to the park eventually (marginally more entertaining, I suppose), but you might want to skip ahead to that part…

Solitude Edit by Sam Tischler

Between the music and weird lip licking thing, this video actually gives new meaning to the term “snowboard porn.” So just watch real porn instead.

Happy Holidays from NO WAY

OK, so this isn’t powder. In fact, these guys were definitely riding the park when there was no shortage of powder around, which makes me almost as angry as watching powder edits. However, today is technically the last day of the “holidays” and Andrew bribed me to post it with a Bearoctoshark, so I am making an exception.

So that’s it. Sorry for the lack of polls this week, they are kind of a pain to post and it’s a damn holiday. You’ll have to make due in the comments instead.

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  1. Jimbo
    Jimbo says:

    Haha, I feel like people are starting to realize that nobody cares about their gopro pow edits… thanks for joining the cause

  2. America
    America says:

    I’m just sayin,
    Jeff got some pretty gnarly turns in there maybe you shouldn’t reject that piece of art.

  3. Jimbo sucks
    Jimbo sucks says:

    Hey So I like how yobeat makes fun of pow when they post every crappy bum mini jib edit out there. I come on yobeat to make fun of yobeat. You cant make fun of snowboarding unless you can snowboard…

  4. Jimbo rules
    Jimbo rules says:

    Hey so, seems like yobeat was making fun of people’s shitty first person pow edits, not riding pow. You can’t leave a witty comment unless you’re witty.

  5. Jimbo sucks still
    Jimbo sucks still says:

    They may have posted the shitty pow edits, but your claiming they all suck. Its easy to post shitty edits. That seems to be what yobeat is good at. Jimbos a kook, keep trying

  6. Jimbo sucks still
    Jimbo sucks still says:

    Theres a lot of crappy edits that come out everyday, its nothing new and there are good gopro edits, just cause your friends suck you gotta cry about it.

  7. mn
    mn says:

    “OK, so this isn’t powder. In fact, these guys were definitely riding the park when there was no shortage of powder around, which makes me almost as angry as watching powder edits.”
    funniest shit ive read on yobeat

  8. OrieKatswilleatus
    OrieKatswilleatus says:

    That jeff holce is a real dick. He failed to tell us his plane would be an hour late. Then complained that the car want close enough to the curb. Then got us cinnabon that had been shit on. Thanks jeffe.

  9. Tedore
    Tedore says:

    Too bad you guys were all in the office sitting on your dicks and posting my GoPro shots while I was riding pow. Suckers!

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