Your Best Comments of the Year

Intros are often long, boring, stupid or some adjective that doesn’t bring a smile to my face. Pretty much just like comments, except, sometimes, comments can be so stupid or brilliant that we just couldn’t deny putting them on display.

1) And the Stupidest Commenter of the Year goes to…

Andrew, for his comment on the 2010 Award Show. On December 24th, 2010 at 12:44PM this intellectual underachiever wrote:

“Why is Andy Warhol in the New York picture? I think he was a West Coast artist.”

Well Andrew, you’re wrong, and now for the stupidity breakdown.

  1. Andy Warhol was based in Manhattan, his “Factory” was a famous NYC hangout and the majority of his film work, photography and major cultural references all incorporate his love affair with the Big Apple. What on earth made you think any different?
  2. You think? You think he was a West Coast artist? Well thanks for scratching your brain for us, but in the future, Google anything you “think” you might know.
  3. If you think Andy Warhol is a West Coaster because you bought one of “his” Burton boots at the San Diego Zumiez, you probably think he’s alive and well too. Thanks for shaking our faith in humanity.

2) And the Doesn’t Understand What We Do award goes to…

Some scared little soul self-titled Mleb. For commenting:

“You’re getting fired for this…”

After we published possibly the best piece of the year (our trip to the White House with the Olympic Snowboard Team). Sure, people comment I or Brooke will be getting shitcanned once a week, but that’s just reassurance that we’re doing a good job.

3) The Most Moral Moron in 2010 award goes too…

“Lateness” who on October 3rd tried to out us as “retards” for making fun of Burton but taking their money for advertising anyway:

“You’re kind of retarded guys… i mean… not in the good way: you laugh at burton but then take their monney for the fuck it ads? wtf? etics?”

Well pal, yeah, we do, and don’t forget about Anon. Anyway, what the fuck are etics? We have ethics, but aren’t hip enough to have etics yet. Also, we don’t say wtf around here. Let’s practice F-U-C-K. Feels good doesn’t it? Anyway, it’s Burton, the Big B and we have a history of friction, but that’s what makes us like them.

4) And the Teary Eyed Yobeat Pride award goes to…

“Biggie” for having his priorities straight, his mind in the gutter and our jaws to the floor and hands to the ceiling after commenting on Austen Granger’s Hump Day:

“Fucking a chick in the ass is high on my list of priorities this Winter.”

As Austen’s interview had lots of snowboard and anal sex this comment was neither out of line, out of context or just plain old awkward, and for that Biggie, we salute you.

5) And lastly, the Put In Our Place award goes to…

“Rossarita” from our Forum pages. After someone posed the question, “What’s the most legit magazine?” And not missing a beat, not giving a moments time to consider that maybe this question was snowboard related, Rossarita stated:

“Hustler for sure.”

And there we have it folks. The internet is for porn.

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  1. lame
    lame says:

    lashing out on that guy with the warhol comment was completely uncalled for. neither did he insult you nor did he implement anything of that kind. he just asked a question. and you go down on him like he just told you that skiing is cooler than snowboarding. that makes you a pretty sad figure, nick lipton.

  2. Michael
    Michael says:

    Contradiction FAIL:

    Your comment to “Lateness”:
    “Also, we don’t say wtf around here. Let’s practice F-U-C-K. Feels good doesn’t it?”

    Yet when I go to YOUR MAIN MENU and hover over VIDEOS, the last item on the list is “WTF WEDNESDAYS”.


  3. Jimbo
    Jimbo says:

    I almost gave you guys a good one just now when I was about to call out the fact that “Fuck It” was a FORUM movie, not a Burton movie… but then I did that whole google thing you recommended and saved myself the heartache. Good times

  4. Andrew
    Andrew says:

    @ Lame.

    I felt like it was a bit overboard and that I had read dumber stuff on yobeat.

    BUT I think there is a pretty big NYC pride thing going on there.
    AND I’m stoked on winning. (I should at least get stickers for 1st place, haha)

  5. Carter Phillips
    Carter Phillips says:

    Gosh, if I don’t know everything about Andy Warhol, I don’t think I’ll be able to snowboard straight.

  6. Ben R
    Ben R says:

    Carter…in reference to your post “Gosh, if I don’t know everything about Andy Warhol, I don’t think I’ll be able to snowboard straight.”

    the point … nothing to do with snowboarding…everything to do with someone posting something incredibly stupid. not like the internet isn’t full of people talking shit about things that they really don’t have a clue about…but you know…whatever.

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