Sur La Rue: Christmas in Quebec

Christmas went by really fast — dinner on Christmas eve and another one Christmas. On the 25th we get together with ALL the family I see once or twice a year, so you can imagine what kind of discussions we have. Most of the people in my family don’t really understand what I’m doing, so it goes something like… “Snowboarding on stairs!?!?!?!” Kinda hard to explain… Anyways, Christmas went by and and I went to film with some friends the days after.

I built this drop in ramp on the day of Christmas. I made it 5’9″ tall, perfect fit in the back of my truck.

Like a glove…

That was our crew, all french. Frank April, Hayden filming, Photog Oli Gagnon, Alex Cantin, Louif Paradis and me. All right, Hayden isn’t french but he is getting pretty good at it. He knows “tabernak” and all the other good swear words.

We at first thought this cop was coming to us to tell us to leave…Then we realized he was pulling someone over. The cop look at what we were doing and peaced out. Pretty cool.

Oli took that mum and her kid down.

He instantly rode away and lauched that big booter.

Later on we scoped around the city and we saw this dude biking in the snow with a microwave on the handle. Took the photo while driving… sorry.

We had dinner at Alex’s place and we made a huge salsa. We cut a lot of onions and has you probably know, onions make you cry…I can’t really tell you why she is wearing a helmet though…

We’ll be in 2011 in two days. I’ll be teaming up with LNP and MFR from the 1st until the 10th for a filming trip around here in QC for the Shred Remains. Should be good, so I’ll see ya next year!

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