Being from Oregon we have a certain soft spot for our kind, but even we were unsure about parts of this movie. Like… the intro, some of the slow-mo choices and the lack of total coverage of the subject. Anyway, it’s got a lot of fucking Oregon snowboarding in it from a couple of popular hills and with some fan-fave faces. So check out guys like Jonah Owen and LNP do cool shit, while Oregon native Keaton Rodgers talks about bears and wild animals or some shit like that. There’s definitely good shit to be seen in this flick, you just gotta wait for it.

  • yeaaahh keaton!!!

  • andre

    sick keaton! this turned out so good

  • bb

    i dont mind the intro so much! who doesn’t like hearing hyenas vomiting into their children’s mouth? its the way of life!

  • jerm

    not bad, but still no tre.

  • not bad, never thought oregon was that “bad”

  • Sam

    watched a lot of it…..they should have had a riding in the full on rain (no of the wintery mix crap, fat ol’ drops!) segment. lets face it, we’ve all done it, we’ll all do it again.

  • Great description Nick, you nailed it. Much like loosing your virginity to a high school band girl, it wasn’t terrible but it wasn’t great either…

    Weak moves included shitty exporting (that whole Windells segment looked like a zoomed-in bitmap) and using a song that’s already been in a video (fun fun fun has been done done done)
    There were definitely some good tricks in there though

  • that guy

    They talk in the intro as if Oregons a shitty place to snowboard, don’t complain about the snowboarding in state where you can ride straight through august.

  • TFK

    This video does a horrible job of portraying Oregon. Half the riders in the video aren’t even from Oregon. What about Skibowl? What about Meadows? this is just the same shit you see on all the windells and HCSC videos. Plz don’t base judgment of Oregon shredding upon this video