A Minute with Dan Brisse and Cale Zima


Sorry kids, no one really wants to watch YOUR “B footage” edits. But I think Mike Thienes is now reaching into “C footage” for this little video of Cale Zima and Dan Brisse, and it’s still good. These guys can ‘board.

  • squirt

    brisse’s next level.

  • whoa… three years ago the 270 fb dfd 270 would have been a video ender. Now its not even an ender in a throwaway edit….

    next level, that guy

  • Brent

    Brisse makes the toughest shit look so easy and somehow even safe… Jed Anderson rider of the year? Bahahaha… bunch a tards voting on this site.

  • Scott

    dan brisse is on some next level shit for sure, nollie hardway 270 nose 270 out? thats the kind of trick you see on a box in the park not a f***kin urban rail. oozin steez

  • ronnie coleman

    dan brisse easily had the best part of the year, and id even say that he did last year too. consistent, well rounded parts that push the limits with style, and no gimmicks or bs filler. that sums him up

  • ronnie coleman

    cale zima on the other hand..well..at least hes getting better

  • Sam

    ha, nice comment about cale. his stuff is pretty approachable by a lot of people though…i like a lot of his stuff, but i think the tight pants are a big hold back…

  • Chrismafugincloud

    sick. . .sam.

  • Seriously?? I would watch an entire part filmed on a samsung first-gen camera phone and STILL love it if it were Dan Brisse… That gap from the cover of TWS??? HOLY FUCKING SHIT DUDE!! Apparently snowboarding IS about “jumping off the roof”