DecemBEARD at Ski Bowl

NBC’s cameras may have been pointed at Breckenridge, but the real snowboard action was definitely at Ski Bowl on December 18. You know you’re at a super serious snowboard event when the presenting sponsor shows up about an hour late. In their defense, the guys from Atmosphere had a lot to take care of, and some car trouble, on the day of DecemBEARD, and eventually they made it! In the meantime, the people made due with no announcing or banners, and a course including a couple boxes and log jam that looked like it was pulled out of the woods right before the event (because it probably was.) Beers were cracked, shit was talked, and people tried to stay warm in the uncharacteristically cold night in Oregon.

Mt. Hood Ski Bowl is like the red headed stepchild of Timberline and Meadows. It is completely accessed with old two-person chairs and on a bad snow year, it might not even open because it’s not high enough. But on a good year (like the one we’re about to have) it has some of the best terrain in the Mt. Hood area, and is fully lit for night riding. It was the perfect host for the event — mellow, small and apparently not super uptight about open containers.

Once the course had been adequately shredded, there was a requisite product toss and awards for such impressive feats as “best fall,” “best beard” and “best tindy,” and then the party moved to Charlie’s (or home for the under-agers!) and the night was capped with all the debauchery one would expect from a bunch of people who take snowboarding very seriously. Thanks to Atmosphere/Thirsty Convoy for putting on the event and Ski Bowl for letting them.

Now enjoy some photos from Drew Smalley/DSimagery

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  1. drunk
    drunk says:

    Well shit!
    Someone has to buy the shit…
    I know snowboards dont have money… and if they do… buy me a drink.

  2. Btrad
    Btrad says:

    Yea that jam was fun… NOT!!! A bunch of butllshit if you ask me…. what happen to the ranking system? wheres that rome snowboard that was promise on the web? And come on, i know i stomped some shit right in your faces… ( no props for shit) and now no clips in the edit, or pics… wow real cool. whatever just lets people know not to ride jams hosted by atmosphere… poorly managed company, come on drunk hosting a jam??? how professional i that.

  3. Btrad's mother
    Btrad's mother says:

    Ryan stevens won the rome gear…
    Hit him up cuz he rides for neversummer…
    I you want some x games shit go to breck.
    This is the north west.
    We will fuck you for less.
    Pluss your tricks were wack anyways fool…
    You suck.
    P.s. dont come to a skibowl event expecting anything less.
    Just a bunch of drunks talking a bunch of shit on you because you suck at snowboarding Btrad.

  4. Btrad's other mother
    Btrad's other mother says:

    Yo fool! You obviously came to the wrong place for a serious rail jam. Don’t get it wrong though the people who won got what they deserved. Ryan Stevens did win the rome prize because he worked hard for the tricks he did and they liked his beard, Ryan Falk won the 21 over prize from rome because he used the course in different ways than anyone else including your already been done in movie tricks.

    What do you mean it wasn’t fun? You got to snowboard didn’t you? You’re obviously some jock snowboarder… move from the NW and go to Breck like yo mother says.

    And you should watch what you say that attitude will for sure not get you noticed…. now you’re just making enemies punk ass bitch!

  5. Brad
    Brad says:

    Hey Mom
    Thanks for the lesson i really needed it. And cool Ryan won that shit, right on. Your right he did kill it. Good job on his part but really, in awards no placement was even announced and when my bro asked about wtf was really goin on all he got was some bull about oh this guy one this… or maybe it was him?!?!?! confused like they didnt know what the fuck was goin on. And your right it wasnt a serious jam and i didnt really expect it to be, but come on at least make it legit for the KIDS that were ridin. What a good example to them huh! And whatever i suck at snowboarding big deal been riding for 3-4 years, how long you guys been ridin? Exactly… And really Breck huh? For what professional compitions? i didnt realize ones job ethic was based on where they live?.?.? I wasnt looking for crazy ass tricks/ jibs… whatever though. Its about the people that they were representing at the time… the host of the whole event. SKI BOWL!!! That night showed all other guest not in the jam that ski bowl is home to drunk/obnocxtious ridin. How many family’s you think are gonna present that to their kids? None… You Would think Ski bowl would need some bussiness after last year. And fuck cant speak my mind without my mother’s talking shit… FUCK YOU!!!

  6. brad
    brad says:

    hey yobeat
    sorry bout this crap didnt mean to start shit on your site . just felt i needed to express my opinion. my bad feel free to delete these posts. i have nothing against you or your site it was just where i seen the edit you wont see me here again.
    happy shred man

  7. Portland
    Portland says:

    Skibowl rules! It’s terrain speaks for it’s self not a rail jam brad! Skibowl makes most of it’s money in the summer anyways and let’s not forget fusion pass!!!!! Looked like a great time to me, GREAT JOB SKI BOWL WE LOVE YOU!

  8. Randall Platt
    Randall Platt says:

    Your damn right we got that tree out of the woods the night before! Skibowl style! Alot of blood, sweat and tears went into Decembeard from the Skibowl park crew and park groomers. I want to thank Jimmy from Atmophere and Jacob (park groomer) for coming out on their days off the night before the contest to put in there two cents as well as Sunshine On My God Damn Shoulder- Jesse Macdonald (Terrain park manager) and the kids that shred the Skibowl parks all year long, for what promises to be one of the best years for Skibowl terrain parks EVER!

    – Randall Platt (Skibowl Lead Park Builder)

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