Quality Time with L1’s Jordan Mendenhall


In this L1 Webisode, we spend some quality time with Jordan Mendenhall. Jordan got tossed early season and has had to take a little time off the board. Luckily, as a new home owner, and generally artistic guy, he has plenty of ways to keep himself busy. He also found some time to reflect on how exactly he got here, and what’s to come.

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  • Adolf allernipples

    Mendenhall is a legend.

  • Weezybaby

    all time guy with hammers year after year.

  • Lucey

    That was Awesome

  • kyle

    words of a honest man

  • Marcus

    Using your brain, being creative, and working really hard…… hmmmm wonder why Jordan has been in the game long??

    Take notes children.

  • Jj

    Bs 1 on that dfd was sick