Ten Years of CAPiTA Party Pics

CAPiTA celebrated its 10th anniversary in style on December 17th with a party at the Showbox in Seattle and some sounds from the Supersuckers. Without being there, we can be pretty sure it was a good time, but the CAPiTA crew delivered the following official statement:

Thanks to everyone who came out to share some hi fives at our party on Friday. Also a huge thanks to anyone who has/does/will support our brand. We wouldn’t have made 10yrs without ya! Here’s to many many more years of DEVOURING EVERYTHING.

Check out more images from staff CAPiTA image maker Joel Fraser over at Capitasnowboarding.com and the photobooth shots at the CAPiTA Fanpage

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  1. Skunky J
    Skunky J says:

    I went to this party. I did not take pics though. Well, I took one, but it sucked. Meeting the CAPiTA team was cool though. They were friendly enough.

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