Rejected Edits: Or Maybe Not!


I think it was Whitey who once said of being an editor, “It’s not my job to tell people they suck.” So we’re gonna try something different with this Rejected Edits feature this week and let you guys be the jerks. Here are a few of the edits we received over the course of the last week that didn’t make it to the site. In some cases they just weren’t great, some were a case of bad timing, and some cases we just couldn’t decide. We won’t spell out our rationale, cause this week, the rejected edits are on you. Below each video is a poll and the results will be final. They won’t actually change the fate of these videos, but they may change our minds in the future, so vote wisely!

Sophisticated by Joe Lohr

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Tranny Finders: Snoqualmie Sunday

[poll id=”242″]

Monday at Bear with Zombie Death Crew

[poll id=”243″]

Junkyard Life from The Elegant Stoners

[poll id=”245″]

The White Room with Tim Eddy

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24 replies
  1. wow
    wow says:

    tranny finders is the worst thing since……. well i couldnt think of anything worse. please no more tranny finders edits

  2. iSchleg
    iSchleg says:

    Tranny Finders get too much hate. They’re always out there having fun. It’s not neccesarily Yobeat worthy though.

  3. Bonnor Mcbutthole
    Bonnor Mcbutthole says:

    Dude those tranny finders are super gay, they all look alike and all they is gay lip slides. They were totally killing it dude, but that doesn trump the fact that they are all all the wackest people I have ever met.

  4. ching ching chong
    ching ching chong says:

    oh herrooo, i rearry rike da tranny findasss. dey ride da snowboards rearry werr and dey get arrr da girrrs. GO TRANNY FINDAAAAS

  5. theman
    theman says:

    tf fucking sucks. why do you always let them get in the battles. nice park footage homos. and sick lip slides.

    “ohhhh we just like to have fun”-tf

    more like suck cock.

    thanks for wasting my time with another shitty edit.

    this is real snowboarding fags

  6. Big maki
    Big maki says:

    Dude all these edits were sick, snowboarding is fun, and all these guys were having fun, Fuckin killin it dude

  7. Jamal Smith
    Jamal Smith says:

    Those Tranny Finders guys actually kill it, saw them stompin double backies the other day. So haters can suck IT.

  8. Tim Eddy's Mother
    Tim Eddy's Mother says:

    Tim Eddy, Did you make that track yourself on garageband? Video was 80% spraying the camera, 20% awful filming.

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