Rail Gardens “THE MOVIE” Teaser

Mad tricks, mad lips, mad homies, no homo. Club Boya sets out to log as many tricks at the Rail Gardens as possible. I hear Ted Borland has compiled a list of some never-been-done-next-level-shit. Clubboya das wuhsuhh!

Featuring: Justin Keniston, Dave Kerwin, Ted Borland, Brandon Hammid, Matty Mo, Johnny Brady, Parker Duke, Jayell White, Matt Piasecki tha rula, and that Roobz kid.

  • Matt

    who the fuck is drew amer?

  • ratdog

    A movie about boarding in the rail gardens? BORRRINGGG! How many times can you watch a dude 270 onto a mellow practice rail. comoonnnn.

    I’d rather watch a documentary on Carrot Top’s snowboarding career.

  • kyle fisher and pat herrington

    fuck drew amer

  • fred

    ratdog i cant wait to change your mind

  • Fred is gay

    I like dudes

  • jerm

    “I’d rather watch a documentary on Carrot Top’s snowboarding career.” hahahahaha yes please!

  • Brent AKA Snarph hunter

    I can’t even imagine it’s all that fun to even hit the same rail that many times… let alone watch someone do it.

  • Uncle CHIP


  • Inebriated

    Brent, it was really fun hitting those rails over and over again; sorry you weren’t there.
    I am not apart of but fully support LUNCH RAMP GANGGG

  • Cole Atencio

    oh yeaaaa doods!