Jamie Anderson Goes Visual

If you wanna be a pro snowboarder these days, you better start making webisodes. Of course, not everyone can be Torstein, so Jamie Anderson is taking a more straightforward approach in her Jamie Anderson Visuals series, including sick snowboarding and beautiful editing by Martin Rubio. We wanna make fun of her about something, but it’s hard cause she’s actually too rad to mock. Check out Episode 1, Spring in Tahoe.

Jamie Anderson Visuals is a NEW webisode-series documenting the life and travels of 2-Time X-Games Gold Medalist, Jamie Anderson.

Featuring people, friends, culture, music, powder, parks, contests, freeriding, BREATHING, traveling around the world, jet-lag, down days, BLUEBIRDS, getting that feeling, and everything else in between!

We are currently working on the 1st Episode featuring a pow trip to Argentina. For now this is Jamie’s video part in The LION’s Den HD Film by Martin Rubio. Part was shot in 3 days on location in Jamie’s hometown of Lake Tahoe, last spring 09|10.

We spent one afternoon at Northstar and two days shooting Jamie’s private shoot at her hometown Resort, Sierra-at-Tahoe.

Stay up to date on Jamie’s season on the JA VISUALS BLOG. JAVisuals.tumblr.com

Jamie’s website is coming soon! ItsJamieAnderson.com. Also visit ThisisONELIFE.com

To download the Tahoe-based HD film visit TallTreezDESIGNS.com

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  1. kyle fisher and pat herrington
    kyle fisher and pat herrington says:

    phat zeachs and a fat ass. doesn’t get much better then that. except for maybe jah, but this video praises that too. hell yeah!

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