Terrible Tuesday: Gangsta Style with Darren Draper


Ever wondered what it would be like to completely switch up your style for a day? Darren Draper is the alter ego of a friend of mine who is not gangsta at all. Guess who??

  • thug mansion

    fuck yeah

  • poop

    im guessing sean black

  • brendonrego

    sean black

  • haha, great edit. That shit had more butter than a fat man’s skin-folds!!

  • Ryan

    this was like watching a skinny person in a fat suit

  • pawk

    G code. So hot right now.

  • Nor’east Fucktard

    Im not sure how comfortable id be trying to ride in tight pants and a leather jacket but hey if its only for one day maybe ill try sometime this season.

  • birdman

    fuck arbor

  • Weezybaby

    Darren is tight. The trick on the down flat down was so tight and then that fool got sprayed up!

  • kyle fisher and pat herrington


  • yoboy

    No G ass nigga would ride no arbor. mutha fucka ain’t no G. Pussy ass white boy

  • alex

    I’m gonna have to guess justin kensington?

  • Drew

    Darren Draper used to run an illegal dog fighting ring with Michael Vick. Not cool.

  • damn it is such a bummer people are making money of the grateful dead. with all the music they have provided us over the years, we should be the ones supporting them, instead of dragon producing goggles and then mass advertising them on every snowboard website.

  • BagsO’Ass

    Yoboy is right. This guy clearly isn’t a G ass nigga. Fiddlesticks!

  • His jacket isn’t nearly tall enough and there aren’t enough slow-mo lifestyle shots haha.

    Such dope riding style, loved the filthy grab & look at the camera at 1:00

  • grimey life.

  • MattyN

    good style regardless of outfit selection

  • bb

    after bang on the 50 back one out was clutch.

  • T

    sean black, late?

  • jheels

    this was so much funnier when torstein did this

  • Mucas Lagoon

    hell yea not finishing rails is so thug

  • Matt


  • james

    matt roberge sponsor me tape 2011?

  • K

    does a justin kensington evn exist?

  • ChyeahBOY

    taps, not finish rails, using every feature like it has tranny on the side, and grabs are the hottness right now. if you aint wit it you aint isht yo

  • boznuts

    why do people gangster for a day videos haha halldor made one first why make more? maybe they will realize baggy snowpants are alot more comfortable then some nut huggin hippy pants. not hatin on tight pants i just dont know how people ride em. oh wait do i know skinny stances haha

  • fred

    Its Andrew Brewer!

  • Sean Bizack

    Viscount Nick Visconti

  • sean “hustla” black

  • darren draper

    fuck yeah technine should get this guy, we need a bag boy on trips. gotta ditch that fuckin arbor bamboozled shit tho, send us a tape man u fuckin rip bra dude

  • JOHN!

    Take this kid to Bear and he’ll fit right in!

  • Bang Bang TF Gang

    Sean Black

  • pc skigull

    Yo! You should come ride at Park City and join our “we are still reppin gangster” support group (sponsored by Saga). Free XXXXXXL tall tee for signing up

  • G.angsta’ G.angsta’ Allin

    Nah, u all wrong man, it’s M o’
    F unkin’
    M oney!


  • pet herrinton

    That must have been Mark Dangler. That fool has been secretly runnin shit for years. Way to finally show your G roots Dangler!

  • Hah, I can’t help but love Boz’s comment for the absolute retardation it represents. I mean, seriously dude, it’s like you think the only two sizes of snowboard pants are XXXL and ladies XS… You know, the only thing gayer than rocking tight-ass girl pants is rocking your gay-ass thug pants that make you look like you’re snowboarind in fucking Jincos…

    But it’s okay, believe it or not there ARE sizes in between. You could always wear normal-fitting snow pants… you know… like a normal person

  • fernandez

    looks like sean black to me.

  • burr

    Snowboarding is for nigger-wannabe teenagers who watched too much MTV growing up.

  • AlexVic

    hahah he looked fresh playin that part tho