Getting Sick with Club Boya!

Chris Beresford, Scott Stevens, Drunk Dave, Drunk Dad, Sean Black, Marquise de Blout and Roobs ride Brighton as a tribute to Granger’s morning phlegm, coughing loud, sore throat thing that’s disgusting.

  • jerm

    last trick, banger. hahaha

  • Ryan

    This is quality.

  • blergh

    snowboarding is serious business, which is why this video is so great.

  • Wow, that was one of the more fun edit’s I’ve watched. I feel like I enjoyed watching it just as much as they enjoyed making it…

  • sam

    its only kewl to have fun on your snowboard if your a pro…

  • karnkarn

    big miike in the house!

  • kyle fisher and pat herrington

    danny scanz goes to willies all summer