Firing Squad: December 14, 2010

Lets recap last week. Yes, it’s pow! Boohoo, pow shots are boring. Wah, why isn’t there more context? Etc. Well, we give the people what they want, so this week, the challenger has no shortage of scene setting background to go with a fluffy pow slash. And you should have nothing to complain about, right? Whatever, vote.

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The Champ

The Challenger

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Think you can do better? Then quit your bitching. The Firing Squad is a weekly photo competition. Winners of a single battle will receive a gift certificate worth $50 good for anything at Should a photo survive 4 weeks, the photographer will receive a place in the Champions Gallery a DAKINE Camera Pack, an additional $100 to spend as they please at, and a chance to compete in the year-end Ultimate Champions battle for more glamorous prizes. To enter your own photo in the Firing Squad, check out our submission guidelines.

12 replies
  1. Sam
    Sam says:

    “A” for effort on the second one – but it’s still pretty boring. it’s a shot of a “boring” part of a potentially interesting line. look at the exposure below. he is either finding his way through some tight chutes or taking some creative airs. I’d rather look at and vote on that picture. why aren’t we? i suspect he either feel or billy-goated to some pansy exit. don’t know whats coming after the chute on the right – but that is an obvious exit. off the cliff (a mini double set) and pass the big rock lookers left looks like another obvious exit.

  2. Jimbo
    Jimbo says:

    ^agreed. Good photo, but doesn’t really do it for me…

    Tim, haven’t you learned that nobody snowboards on mountains anymore?? I mean, how is anyone supposed to be able to tell you’re wearing the latest Ashbury goggles and a sweet leather jacket when you’re that far away?

  3. Z
    Z says:

    Or that someone finally fcking knows what the word COMPOSITION means… last week’s photos had NO composition, wish this challenger was a little more contrasty, maybe with a longer line down some chutes, but I still like it more.

  4. a
    a says:

    what the fuck is wrong with you motherfuckers?

    pic #1 could be behind the Winco. Pic #2 can only be in the mountains. The cliffband oh shit really am I gonna trust it oh shit really wait my left or your left MOUNTAINS. WHERE SNOWBOARDING HAPPENS.

    I’m obviously voting #2. Early and often. TeaParty FaceBooked and all that. #2.

    Anyone who votes for #1 is the asshole who gives negative comments on crazy kitty youtubes comeonsrslybro

  5. Sam
    Sam says:

    hey “a,” shut up.

    speaking of your comments, what is that thing called where people strap a piece of wood on their feet and slide down metal bars? can’t be snowboarding, i don’t see mountains…..seriously?

  6. The Truth Forever
    The Truth Forever says:

    Hey Sam. just because you sniff pee and obviously shot the terrible first photo, doesn’t mean you should talk.

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