Secret Spots: No Lift Ticket Required


The man can really hold you down when you ride at a resort. Always telling you to “slow down,” “don’t go there,” and of course, charging you for the pleasure. You might believe those minor inconveniences are a required part of the snowboard routine, but with a little creativity and effort, snowboarding doesn’t have to be bound by the chairlift, or a mediocre park. Whether it’s a set up in your backyard or deep in the woods, DIY snowboard spots are popping up everywhere. Check out a few secret spots around the globe, all of which definitely beat the life line on a holiday Saturday!

Somewhere in the Northwest woods lies the Tone Zone. A mystical place to mystical that the Visual Collective will probably kill us if we tell you exactly where it is. (Actually, we don’t really know.)

And on the other side of the world, we’re happy to report the DIY shred is alive and well too. This edit made its way all the way from the woods of Madrid, Spain to land in this very post, and doesn’t even involve any man-made plastic crap. Just some all natural, environmentally friendly shredding from Juan and Jorge Polan, Matias Ian Miño and Paul Puig.

While it might not be very well hidden, the Kroozer Krew’s set up outside the Summits in Gov’y certainly does not require a lift ticket. It’s also slightly more convenient than hiking into the woods, and even though there are three resorts within 10 minutes, you really can’t beat stepping out our front door to ride.

So if you can’t afford a ticket, or you just don’t want to deal with over zealous ski patrol, don’t let it get you down. Get out there and find your own secret spot! But don’t try and poach these ones, ya jerk.

This is by no means a comprehensive list of spots, just a few edits we received in the last few days. Feel free to post links to your edits below, we promise to approve them.

  • burnzkid

    I can’t wait to upload my homemade box video, complete with crappy footage, crappy riding, and a played out song!

  • you miss the RUAMA PARK in zillertal,austria on this report!
    one hell of a private jib park even with a selfmade lift.

    owned by this guy:
    see some action here:

  • A backwoods DIY segment and you didn’t post a video from helltrack??? Nobody likes Tahoe anymore 🙁

  • fabriceTOUSSAINT

    even with the ripped name tonezone was sick as hell

  • firstguy

    spencer looks a bit like scotty stevens

  • jerm

    need an edit of the rails in the woods in montreal. that spots pretty sick

  • mattywalks

    first edit was real nice

  • matt

    that one dude (spencer?) in the first video looks exactly like scott stevens, head to toe: orange hat, blue 32 sweatshirt, black semi-fitted pants, complete with union bindings and a capita board.

  • carl

    snowboard edit from spain?? sick!

  • mattywalks

    2nd song?

  • eastern

    Matt, who cares what he is wearing. Fuck off and go snowboard.

  • eastern

    oh n the Tone Zone edit is fucking fire. Nothing but hammers.

  • beefsmoothie

    wow a bunch of kids doing the same thing down boring rails again

  • whats that smell

    whats the last song in the 1st video

  • zach

    found waldo

  • shitniglets

    Dang was that wood made of metal? If you got that techy on any wood rail in america you would catch a gnarly edge and get broke off!