Mandatory Coverage: Skullcandy Christmas Party in Park City

Dear Brooke,

It is with great regret that I send this email. As an employee of Yobeat, I have let you and the entire Yobeat audience down. Last night, I went to the Skullcandy Christmas party in Park City, and failed to cover the event. I’ve been to other snowboard websites, which almost exclusively cover contests and industry parties, so I know the importance of covering such an event in order to generate high volume traffic. Hot chicks, Stevie Bell, and The Eagles of Death Metal were all there, yet I neglected to snap any photos or rub any elbows. Instead, I hung out with my friends, spent all my cash, and threw snowballs at taxis outside the club with a guy named Cheeseburger.

If I were any type of professional I would have posted up outside the restroom door, contract and pen in hand, and waited for the marketing manager of Skullcandy to sign for a high priced advertising campaign. I most certainly let you down last night, and for that, I’m sorry. For what its worth, I did manage to take a photo on my phone of two of my favorite Park City snowboarders, Tommi and Scotty Arnold.

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Sincerely, Your beloved Brand Partnership Manager

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  • ryanmo

    love it, probably more entertaining than the average post of pros getting drunk.

  • tom b

    we need more tommi however the fuck you spell his last name…. he’s got serious style

  • Nelly

    haha nice one, agreed, its YLIANTTILA