Dirksen Derby Day 1: The Full Report

6:30AM SATURDAY, 12/11/2010

It’s snowing right now, but the weather could turn rough later this morning… so we’re pricing lift tickets accordingly at the “green” (lowest) rate. For now, we’re staying optimistic with our proposed lift schedule… but as the weather situation evolves throughout the morning, lift status may change.

If the weather does take a turn for worse, head inside to our Clearing Rock Bar. Sample our signature Bloody Mary… it’s the best in the Cascades!

With a ski report like that, day one of the Dirksen Derby was not off to a great start. Luckily, this year the event spans two days, so the 100% chance of up to two inches of rain would only really matter to the groms, ladies, older and wiser, sit ski division, split boarders and of course the entire Dirksen family and other event staff. NO BIG DEAL!

Your host, Josh Dirksen

And actually, other than getting a bit wet, it wasn’t really a big deal. Had the course, hand dug over the last week by Josh and a host of Bachelor locals, been higher on the mountain, things would have been really ugly. However, it was nestled in the trees of the bunny slope, protected from the gale force winds. A handy dandy leanto and a couple pop ups gave the waiting riders a place to huddle, and some timing system issues allowed for plenty of practice runs.

Since the event is remarkably mellow and a benefit for Tyler Eklund, it seemed silly not to compete. Between the pitch and the sticky snow, it took some pumping and skill to negotiate, but both lines were short and sweet with just enough twists to keep you on your toes. I’m happy to report that my time would have earned me second place in the groms division, and did get me a respectable 5th in the women’s. (It may have be funnier if I came in last, but I’ll let T-Bird hang on to that claim to fame, at least for now.)

Tomorrow I will bring my real camera. For now, this will have to do.

The highlight of the day was definitely the splitboard division The competition was fierce — riders rode down, skinned up, and then set back up and ran the course, chinese downhill style. The prize was a pair of custom Dirksen Derby Split board bindings, which there was no way Adam Haynes was going to lose. Ryland Bell was there to give him a run for his money, but in the end the victory indeed went to Adam.

If you we’re wondering, the Bloody Marys were quite good.

Tomorrow the pro men, elites and other super fast dudes will take to the derby lines, but for now, here are the results from Day 1.


1. Adam Haynes
2. Ryland Bell
3. Dan Mccoy
4. Adam Steffan
5. Abe Blair


1. Ashley Thornton 67.52
2. Sally Butler 69.71
3. Devyn Schnake 74.41
4. Anne Jackson 71.64
5. Brooke Geery 73.44
6. Whitner Locke 74.39

Older and Wiser

1. Martin Warbington 69.49
2. Mike Schubert 76.65
3. Mike Eklund 82.48
4. Terry Luzier 83.39
5. Gary Bracelin 83.49
6. Jill Beaulieu 84.35


1. Grant Gorhan 71.42
2. Zach Ferguson 73.45
3. Andrew Scheafer 74.67
4. Jake Selover 76.62
5. Trey Bracelin 81.76
6. Grant Mansour 82.16

Sit Ski

1. Tyler Eklund

The Dirksen Derby, a family affair

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