Rhythm Snowboards is Giving Shit Away!

Seems like just this morning we were explaining the process of starting an independent company. Basically, you have to spend a few years giving away a ton of shit, which may very well be why the Massholes from Rhythm Snowboards are doing this promotion with SNS! And you gotta give it up for people actually making it in America, so check it out, help some bros live the dream, and maybe even get yourself a snowboard you designed.

Through the end of 2010, SNS will be hosting a snowboard design contest for a collaboration deck between Rhythm and SNS.

Rhythm makes hand-built boards in Massachusetts and knows how hard you have to work to live your dream. That’s why they have dubbed this board “The Working Man”- inspired by those individuals who put in long hours on the hill, in the park or in the streets. Just like you, this hand made board is tough as nails and willing to take a beating.

“The Working Man” is more than a snowboard, it’s a way of life. So Rhythm and SNS want to see your interpretation of that lifestyle on this season’s deck. If they like your design, you’ll be riding it in January and it will be sold across this beautiful country. This is a great opportunity for any young designer to build their experience and get recognition on a national stage.

Click here for all of the details.

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