Sur La Rue: Colorado to California

Hey yo, I spent another week in Breckenridge. We rode some park and some pow, and the ski patrol got a bit overzealous, cutting passes and living out their wannabe cop fantasies. Right now I’m actually in L.A. though, waiting for my flight to Mammoth. At first the flight got delayed two hour.  They told us that there was gnarly wind in Mammoth, but we would try to go anyway, and if we couldn’t land we will come back to L.A. ?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?! Well, we got in the plane and the door didn’t want to close so we had to unload and switch planes…  and we’re still waiting to get on the other plane… So yeah, shitty trip…. However, in good news, I found this part from 03/04 on my harddrive. My friend Greg D edited it for a movie called Passenger.

And as always, here’s some pictures from the week:

A few days ago, before the pow came, we tried to make it first chair at Keystone and enjoy the groomed park. We didn’t quit make it, but almost…

We got about a foot of snow the next day. See that rope? Guess you’re not supposed to cross those things. These people learned the hard way.

I know…it looks flat. It is! But it was still pretty fun, the snow was super light.  Champagne powder, I believe it’s called.

Believe it or not, we went in the double black diamond zone.

Still flat…still fun though.

Japanese style on a snowy day.

Look how much fun I am having in California! This was at the beginning of the day…

And this is how you celebrate when your flight officially gets canceled however many hours later. Me + Belzile +  hotel bar. Hopefully I make it to Mammoth today. Until next week…

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