Roxy Refreshments: One Life


After the incredible reaction to Libby and Emily’s guide to being cool, it was clear you guys want more women’s snowboarding! Good thing Roxy just sent over it’s latest Refreshments episode featuring Kjersti Buaas and her One Life crew. However, if you don’t think women should snowboard, or talk for that matter, we don’t recommend watching it. If you want more though, check out

  • dylan dez

    wheres KVP

  • “if you don’t think women should not snowboard” you mean if you think women should not snowboard or if you don’t think women should snowboard.


  • yes. fixed. good call.

  • Niggajoose

    Zeach central. choke on my nutz bitches

  • Hmm if this counts as girl snowboard related… a webisode made by me and my roommate. First episode premiering next week, check out the sneak peek.