Sno Cones for Everyone!

It can be hard to come up with a brilliant new product for snowboarding these days. So when this kid offered to make us a Sno Cone on hill using Cakeatr Syrup, we were very impressed. Yes, the potential health risks of adding corn syrupsugar to snow you pick up off the ground are too many to count, but that aside, this is one of those, “can’t believe no one thought of it sooner” ideas. You can get 6 bottles of the stuff for $15, and enjoy it all season, which is literally sweet.

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  1. daniel
    daniel says:

    Hi. Your post comes up when you search cakeatr. I like the link & appreciate the responce. I notice the edit is gone. The same rider you met on my hood that gave you guys some cakeatr is also featured in this edit. Would you be interested in posting this one?


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