Vote for the new YoBeat Shirt

The entries are in and we’ve combed through and picked our favorites, but now it’s up to you to decide which shirt you’d actually wear (and therefore we should make and put in the store.) You have the power to make someone’s dream of designing the new YoBeat shirt come true. Remember, we’ll only actually produce the one of these shirts that gets the most votes! Do your part, and vote, right now.

Entry 1: Thumbs Up Banana by Chase Harley

Entry 2: Voodoo Baby by Jim Ferrigno

Entry 3: Mechanical by Bill Frank

Entry 4: Shark Fishing by Jack Johnson

Entry 5: Your Mom Wears a YoBeat shirt by Jason Frank

Entry 6: Hood Shirt by Matt Claussen

Let the popularity contest, ahem, voting, begin!

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Mandatory disclaimer: YoBeat will produce the winning shirt and sell it in the online store, as well as offer it to select shops, and the designer will receive the shirt FOR FREE! We reserve the right to change the colors and make design tweaks to aid in ease of printing, but pretty much, what you see is what you get.

  • BagsO’Ass

    They all look pretty good. Still think this contest is hilarious. Maybe because I am almost 30 and jaded.

  • erik

    Why don’t you guys sell your shirts through exit? I’d rather buy one there than online

  • could happen… if you’re in Portland, you can also come by the office. just hit me up through the info thing on the store.

  • burrittoz

    Please please please do a rejected edition.

  • haha

    that banana shirt is the shit

  • barrt

    Your mom is easy

  • matt

    woo hoo! my shirt is in last place!

  • Chase

    when does the voting close?

    • Voting closes Dec 13, first thing.

  • Wow, that’s a pretty hearty third place I’m in… I suppose it’s time for some more self-whoring on facebook!

  • And where did everyone get these nifty “printed tee” templates?? I feel like mine looks really out of place with the whole fake-t-shirt photoshop mask….

  • jimbo,

    have you ever heard of google?


  • Google?? Is that on the interweb with the email?

  • matt

    jimbo, yobeat just put those on there, we all just sent in designs without a template

  • Aw well goddamn me for being an over-achiever. They look way better on “actual shirts”

  • Alison Hardy

    The voodoo baby is by far the dopest! Good luck Jimbo… hopefully you win cause I want one!

  • Hey here’s an idea

    I think they’re all pretty tight so you should just put em all on the store. Then anyone can order whichever one they like.

  • baker


  • thumbs up!!!!!!!!

  • nate corrado

    matt clawson is a faggot as gayper don’t vote for him

  • matt

    ^^thats probably not even nate^^

  • jew

    im a skier and i say vote for the banana one. all skiers love that shirt. if your a snowboarder still vote for it so you can be cool like skiers. i know the guy who drew that shirt and he likes yobeat’s motto “making fun of snowboarding” because he thinks snowboarding is gay too. he’s a skier!

  • jewpac shakur

    ^just because of this f*g im for sure not voting for that banana shirt

  • Chase

    my vimeo acount
    I am certainly not a skier

  • A design submitted by a feller named Jack Johnson?? He should be disqualified solely based on the fact that every thirteen year old girl who googles the name “Jack Johnson” and comes across this site will vote for him because they want to deep-throat his banana pancake….

  • Mike

    ^ lolololololololol. Why can’t it be like top three, they’re all good.

  • THUMBS UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! that one is so sick!!

  • Cooper

    banana thumbs up! chase is the man

  • Hey vote for The thumb Banana it has tons of relevance to life and its unanswered questions!!

  • Im doing a lecture on it next week

  • woah, the thumbs up banana is BY FAR the best looking one!!!!!!

  • Why does social networking have to be so frustrating? I almost murdered facebook trying to get more votes for this shit…

  • Christina

    Try twitter!

  • Twittering? Isn’t that kinda like skeeting?


  • Mom

    Mom shirts cute but won’t be wearing it in front of her, so “Thumbs up” it is!!!

  • DOMidwest

    dont hate on names man jack johnson is a dope name

  • haha thumbs up!!

  • haha bannana!!

  • I love all the posts under fake names for the banana with links back to here… I’m pretty sure that if you made it this far, you’ve already voted

  • I swear to god its not me

  • Haha, oh it’s all good. Brooke encouraged all-out advertising for this. I just find it hilarious that of all places there’s promotion here… I have to admit though, this is the first time in my life I actually wish I bought into the whole twitter gayness

  • Chase

    but its actualy not me

  • You know, Chase. The first step to recovery is admitting you have a problem in the first place….

  • hey guys i feel we need to work things out and touch each others foreheads with grace?!

  • LOl

    all the shirts suck except for the banana one
    the your mom shirt is not appealing in any way to look at and it is not funny when read

  • hey jimbo, try shutting the fuck up! its almost better than your mom!

  • Wow dude, that was pretty harsh. But I guess I’d be pissed off too if I ran a shitty wordpress blog that nobody cared about

    Seriously? Get a sense of humor dude

  • jimbo

    …………..}…….! !…..{

    ive acomplished nothing!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • haha

    your just pissed cause your losing

  • Ahhh, YoBeat. Where the sun never shines and the hate flows like wine.

  • Chase

    Well I obviously take offence to that comment Jimbo as this “Monbroskys” has linked to my website. Not his own.
    Im not saying that I agree with flaming but if anything you brought it upon yourself.

  • jimbo

    wo i shud wrealy shut up!


  • ari

    # 1 all the way

  • Chill chase, I was simply returning the unfounded hostility. What can I say… sometimes bombs land on schools

  • so now you’re a terrorist?

  • I prefer the term “Horror Confectionist” actually

  • im serious guys lets just pull are pants down and be cool

  • yo beat! more like yo beef

  • im already topless. maybe we should vote for the thumbs up banana to cover me up 😉 😀 😛 !!!

  • Jimbo

    I’m so fucking wet
    I’ll do anything for munro’s banana

  • I’m pretty sure that when a posting is actively viewed multiple times per day for more than three days by the general YoBeat demographic; the degradation of the comment board to random shit talking is pretty much inevitable

  • more penis jokes and general gayness

  • Jimbo


  • biggie

    god i wish the people who vote read all these comments so they knew how big of faggots the fans of that banana shirt are. I read em and thats why they did not get my vote.

  • Are you like Seth from Superbad or something? You seem to be hopelessly addicted to drawing penises…. super gay

  • jimbo


  • I voted for Jimbos cuz I thought it was sick and love the colors black and purp together, even though any of those shirts could have been made with those colors…
    but now I regret it after seeing all the penises that he has posted on the comments…

  • Hahahah… For the record, the real jimbo posts with a link and proper capitalization of pronouns

  • also for the records I’m not associated with or condone any of the comments by the “fans of the banana shirt”

  • that banana shirt looks like the creators face, GAY

  • 🙁

  • guys guys guys…. being gay isnt a crime. Drawing penis’ is a little off topic, and getting wet over me saying i need to be covered up is soooooo degrading 🙁 :'( !!!!!!!!!!!


  • Jimbo


  • Jimbo

    sry real jimbozki : /

  • Jimbo

    Hi my name is Jimbo, unfortunately I am unable to type cohesively for extended periods of time but I have been gifted (by the gods themselves, it would seem) with the gift of drawing extremely realistic payneezes on message boards such as this. Jesus Xrist himself once came down upon my tender bodice whilst I was attacking myself to hardcore p’rn’gr’phy and told me to face my destiny: drawing payneezes on message boards. I will now sit silently as you all witness the greatness that is my ability to draw payneezes on message boards. May Buddha himself (as well as the 12 1/2 other main gods/godesses of our faithfull universe until the year 40013 when President Barack Obama XXIV declares war on the gods of the other universe during which time all gods unite and “Whoop our collective asses” (quote taken from “Dictionary of the Distant and Improbable Future (circa 2007)) smile upon my drawings. Blessed be those that view them.

    P.S. here’s a dick lawlz ( ) ) ================= asd;lfkj===D

    DAYUMM that’s nice

  • Jimbo

    also i kno what pronounzz are! lawlz Grd. 12 English FTW!!!!
    le’z skipe ya’ll!!

  • Some things that may be incredibly funny in your 5-bongload-deep brain, just come out really forced and gay on paper. I wouldn’t pursue message-board comedy as a career if I were you

  • 8=================D black jesus

  • i like dudes!

  • Jimbo

    internet = not paper

    ( ) ) ====D ~~~ ~ 0-:

  • wow this guy is cheating

  • How different IP adresses?

  • I assume
    hes getting like a vote every 20 seconds

  • Yeah and it stays like exactly 2% ahead. Weeeeiirrd

  • Vote

  • I FUCKING LOVE GUYS!!!!!!!!!! 8=======D0========8
    look theyre touching!

  • 8======D

  • wizy

    yo momma is for sure cheatin… whaat a but head

  • lovesnow22

    for sure not cheating…. he wouldnt do that. he’s lucky to have friends who get all of their friends to vote. duh.

  • jm

    For everyone who says number 5 is cheating…not true. He & his friends have been on fb all day and have gone and talked to many friends and family & asked them to’s all fair here

  • Lukas

    Yeah it’s been the same here. In that case brutal competition for first man this shit is neck and neck!!

  • Chase

    He doesn’t get a vote for like 12 hours gets exactly 35 votes in one hour than doesn’t get anouther vote for a couple more hours. then as soon as I start facebook whoring again he stays exactly 20 votes ahead of me like all day?
    seems like he was cheating to me

  • bzee

    what a smart kid, jason is. maybe you should have thought of that one, eh?

  • Chase

    actually mine is up there

  • Irons

    The sad part is, any idiot can make a shirt that has a joke to do with your mom. And it somehow beat all the original submissions.