Rome PreJib Definitely Happened Last Weekend

If wasn’t the first weekend of the Rome PreJib series, but with stops at Mammoth, Waterville, Seven Springs, Mount Seymour, Snoqualmie and Appalachian Ski Mountain it was certainly hard to ignore. Perhaps we’ll round up some video coverage, but for now here’s the word about the event from the fine folks at Waterville. We can assume the other stops were similar, but different.

The Rome Premature Jibulation has been coming to Waterville Valley since it’s inception 7 years ago. This early season rail jam is always top on rider’s list as a fun easy going type of contest with no bibs, no start lists, makeshift judging, hot dogs and some kind of eating feat. Mother nature cooperated enough for Luke Mathison and crew to be able to build the course consisting of two side by side flat boxes a 20 foot pipe, 2 pole jams, one to bank box and the other over a small open water brook gap. Around 70 riders showed up and annihilated the set up in two 45 minute heats. The riding was really impressive for a contest this early in the season. When it was all said and done 20 riders made the finals with young gun and recent New Jersey transplant Brett Strother winning a new Rome 2011 Artifact Rocker snowboard , Nick Esposito winning a pair of 390 bindings and Vicky Ashley winning a pair of Strut bindings. A big thanks to Ron from Rome for bringing this event here every year!

Check the photo gallery and video. Stay tuned to and WV’s facebook page for the latest on all the upcoming events and weekly Laps with Luke.

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