Behind the Shot: Abe Blair

Abe Blair and the Firing Squad do not have the best relationship, this being his upteenth or so loss. Luckily, unlike a real Firing Squad, if you lose you don’t die and get to try again. Against another challenger, this photo may have sailed through, but that’s how the game works. Abe is a good sport, and sent this words about his shot.

This is a photo of Peter Benchetler from a shoot in Mammoth with the “Another Day in Paradise” crew. They told me that we were going to a new zone that was a long hike but worth it. We had already shot one jump that day before we started shooting on this one, and this jump was on the far side of the zone we hiked to earlier that morning. Needless to say, myself and the crew were pretty tired. I was on my way to the ridge and found this strong back lit angle. It was Peter’s turn to drop so I fired off a shot. This image needed almost no post work once it was on the computer and I hope to get a second chance to shoot at this zone. Thanks to Gabe, Shayne, Ross and Peter for a great day!

P.S. I voted for The Champ’s rail shot also. That shot is sick!!!!

The shot Abe is speaking of has two more days of voting before being potentially being inducted into the Champions Gallery or declare a loser after three weeks. If you agree with Abe or like the other shot better, you better get over there and vote before it’s too late.

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  1. Sam
    Sam says:

    i don’t know if this is a stupid question or not. but was it shot b&w or shot color then grayscaled to b&w? just curious

  2. Z
    Z says:

    The way I like to do it, is shoot shots I may want in black and white, IN black and white. Since it’s in raw, after I get it to the computer, I can decide then.

  3. Sam
    Sam says:

    blindman, that’s what I was guessing, just not sure.

    Z, I’m relatively new to photography, in your opinion, what are the key benefits of shooting in the raw format? Would you say it is primarily in bypassing any processing the camera would do for you so that you can be in complete control of the image later on?

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