Rejected Edits: Actually Pretty Good Edition


It seems our tough love approach last week must have worked, because in the last seven days, we received surprisingly few edits that were so bad we couldn’t sit through them. In fact, most of the edits we’re about to post are pretty entertaining, and if there were more days in the week, maybe we would have posted them all separately. Except for the last one. We don’t know what those clowns were thinking.

Snap, Crackle Pow from Matt Wainhouse

We’re glad that Matt didn’t die in an avalanche, and if we didn’t already blow out Baker with this vid and therefore feared the locals might hunt us down, we may have posted this sooner. Well that, and at some point the first person thing is gonna get old. Like last winter.

Loon Opening Week from Mike Rav

You really can’t go wrong with a Loon edit from featuring Dylan Dragotta, Mike Ravelson, Christial Bueling, Henry Padden, Tyler L’heureux, and Colton Feldman. Well, you can, since Mike was too lazy to export it properly. But they’re still decent at snowboarding.


RC is a good dude, even though we think he might ski on the side, and these quick little edits he’s putting together are pretty fun to watch. But they definitely have skiing in them. More.

Big Boulder Opening from Fabrice Toussant

Can you feel the joy! Big Boulder is open for the season, and people from PA love snowboarding, like, a lot. There is so much joy going on here, we almost overlooked the fact it was basically all shot on one downrail.

Skibowl Hard Packin’ from Brooke Geery

What’s wrong with this edit: terrible snowboarding, terrible song, an entire line of 50-50s, shaky go pro footage, comic sans, etc etc etc. What a couple of jerks.

15 replies
  1. Jimbo
    Jimbo says:

    Mike Rav has a fun edit… but export format aside, I would’ve rejected this video based solely on the fact that one of these guys has his pants tucked into his boots…

    Seriously people, the only way to look gayer than wearing your girlfriends snowboard pants with your tall-tee hoodie, is to tuck your boots in…

  2. Turd Ferguson
    Turd Ferguson says:

    god i wish i filmed an opening day video at boulder….that video make PA look like a bunch of asshole artards…oh wait

  3. Mike
    Mike says:

    -olollollolololololololololololol Fabrice, maybe if you had 3 macbooks people would enjoy it.

    Shit was doap. Imma try to get up there soon.

  4. fabriceTOUSSAINT
    fabriceTOUSSAINT says:

    oh haha, yea i borrowed a macbook to realize there was no firewiree on it so borrowed someone elses macbook pro for some summer edit thing

  5. maxwell
    maxwell says:

    sorry jimbo, the boot tuck has been the steez for a while man… looks liek youre missin the boat on this one.

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