Fox News Can Even Mispresent Snowboarding

We know you guys get upset when we bring up “the real world” but Jeremy Jones landed himself a slot on Fox Business News for his amazingly risky decision to start his own company in “this economy.” As we’ve already said, Jeremy’s movie Deeper is definitely worth checking out, but even though they were talking about snowboarding in this segment, we couldn’t make it through this whole right-wing bullshit segment. Impressive, really.


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  1. bret
    bret says:

    it wasnt that bad, but you can tell they have no understanding and or really care what jeremy has to say

  2. Spence
    Spence says:

    I thought j jones did an awesome job selling his brand. I wish they would have plugged deeper a little more but it seemed like he was there to promote himself. I think it is hard to get through to business analysts who are never going to understand why or what guys like jeremy do. With that said he was on fox business not the fixed news network. They lean to the right as well but the channel is focused on the markets not fear mongering. Boardjumpz and Andrew this is not the same channel that hosts Glenn beck.

  3. Jimbo
    Jimbo says:

    This shit is funny. Jeremy looks about as comfortable as Peter Appleton over for thanksgiving dinner at the McCarthy house…

    I mean, seriously. This interview reminds me of the one-sided conversation that spawned from the grocery clerk in Beaverton finding out that I just moved here from Tahoe. Apparently people in the suburbs think that up in them thar mountains we have to fight off bears and mountain lions with sharp sticks just to take out the trash…

  4. Chris P.
    Chris P. says:

    I enjoyed how that reporter kept insinuating that you have to be some wacked out junkie in order to get on a snowboard and Jeremy just kept shutting him down.

  5. Jimbo
    Jimbo says:

    Hah, true. Maybe I should’ve said hand-to-hand combat, cause I’m pretty sure she thought I had an ursine sparring partner. People who don’t live in the mountains are so funny, they just don’t understand. They think Kings Beach is “in the woods”

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