Will Bateman TV: Episode Whatever

The streets of Big Bear will never be the same after being terrorized for the first released episode of the second season of Will Bateman TV. Actually, they will actually be exactly the same. Either way.

Riders: Lucas Magoon, Justin Mulford, Chad Tarbell, Johnny Lazz, Dylan Alito, Chris Bradshaw, Will Bateman and other dudes.

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  1. piles
    piles says:

    aint no trucks, aint no smiths. we went through this a few years back.
    times look good. like think thank but with more tall tees and weed.

  2. ^
    ^ says:

    Mcyack, we regret to inform you that it these videos have not yet been rated and realize that many people might watch these videos and come into a complete rage. Due to your lack of a creative mind and misunderstanding of the entire meaning of life, we recommend you no longer watch Will Bateman TV, it would be unwise. Do not try and watch the videos. Your closed mind might not be able to fit everything in and therefore you could get very angry due to lack of the understanding that many people today have. We are sorry your brain is stuck at such a primitive state and wish you the best of luck with your.. future?

  3. McYack
    McYack says:

    You are right ^, your comment really opened my eyes to how complex and artisitic 5 minutes of riding on sidewalks and hitting 4 stair rails really is. Especially the follow cams, the camera remains amazingly stable. Thank you helping me escape the prison of my primitive mind.

  4. joe
    joe says:

    raw edit
    cannabis boarding at its finest
    skating on snow
    surfing on snow
    velvet underground
    blow trees
    clouds and boardin

  5. Will to mcyack
    Will to mcyack says:

    Thanks for your comment on my video. That sucks it only got 1 out 100 stars in your book…. Bummer. Glad you watched it…Thanks. See for me these videos aren’t really at all about entertaining YOU, or showing YOU a bunch of tricks YOU might think are cool, or riding or not riding on sidewalks for 5 minutes. They are really just me, myself personally trying to capture the memory of the day,week, or whatever with my friends through a short video, so that I can look back in the future and see some of the fun shit I did with my friends. I’m not really thinking at all about YOU when I hit a four stair rail, I’m just doing it because its fun at that moment in my life. I personally back the slomo layback. Thought it was funny. Thats just my perspective. Thanks again for your comment. Thanks yobeat.

  6. Voice Of Reason
    Voice Of Reason says:

    @ Will,

    I’m calling total bullshit. If these videos are just for YOU, why don’t you just keep them to YOURSELF? That means, not putting them on the Web, not submitting them to YoBeat, not hyping them up to your friends, and not commenting when someone doesn’t like them.

    I for one, will never watch these videos again…but they’re not made for ME, they’re for YOU, Will. Nice insult blanket, you turd.

  7. Bricksquad
    Bricksquad says:

    @McYack & Voice of Reason: I’ve known will since he was just a young kid snowboarding at Willard Mountain. Hes never been about the bullshit that is the snowboard industy, hes just been down for chillin with homies and having fun. hes probably the nicest, most genuine kid I’ve ever met and I’ve never heard him hype himself or anything he does up. Quit pretending you know the kid or what hes doing with his life. You’re really all just hating cause its not full of bangers and its a video of dudes having fun. Hes doing what he loves, If you dont like it dont watch it, its that simple.

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