Sur Ra Lue Hits Keystone

This week, I’ve been shredding the park in Keystone with friends. The park is pretty cool — a bunch rails and 5 jumps that can all be hit it the same run. A few people got sprayed and many skiers got cut in line. You know the drill. First, here is an edit of some action from Louif Paradis, Alex Cantin, Frank April, Matt Belzile and me. Peep it :

And a few pictures…

Five dudes on a chairlift — Me, Alex, Frank, Matt and Louif

Slow signs are meant for spraying!

Alex gets in on the spraying action, too.

Mi Casa serves up a mean Happy Hour in Breck. From 3 to 6, $.99 tacos, $3 wings, $5 pitchers. Yes, please.

Things at 9,000 ft aren’t all boarding and beers. We’ve been playing Monopoly at night. Frank won again…

  • rkelly

    that was reallly good

  • So much fun, saw these guys a few days and they looked like they were havin so much fun, and the parks not pretty fun it’s fuckin great!

  • Ballerado

    fuck yea… and theres 7 jumps not 5.. and there about to be 8 here soon… and yes saw these dudes just destroying the park!

  • karnkarn

    best ender.

  • jOE

    Looks so much fun. Love the teched out park laps.

  • boardjumpz

    What! Front 3 through a flurry of snow in a landing, what a jumpz!

  • firstguy

    whos that fast first guy?