Some heavy midwest park stunting at Trollhaugen in the rain, snow and snow-rain.

Riders: Jeffy Gabrick, Jordan Daniels, Ethan Deiss, Cole Linzmeyer, Brett Spurr.

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  1. rufab slab
    rufab slab says:

    wow that was cool guys. these guys are really cool. that place looks really cool. i like the colors of the rails. they are really cool. i’ve heard of ethan dice, i heard he is really cool. cool. cool. cool.

  2. bummer dude
    bummer dude says:

    if ethan’s on burton im gunna be so bummed. he lost his style now that he is on that board, w/e one that is. he looked so sick on the black black snowboard/camber..not that flimsy shit he is on now….f***

    he shud of stayed with his original sponsor and hyped em up as hes getting bigger..esp with casanova on the team ….and some up and commers

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