Animal Farm’s Showemus FULL MOVIE

Sean Lucey and crew finally finished their damn movie. Watch it.

This is just a weird homie video that we felt like making. All the communism BS is not some political statement. We just think the book Animal Farm is a funny metaphor for snowboarding. There are a bunch of different characters that combine to make communism just like there are a bunch of funny characters that combine to make snowboarding what it is. Heshers, gangsters, hippies, and even those jaded people who only talk about how much cooler skateboarding is all make snowboarding great. We know that a lot of this footage has been seen already, we know that using weird stock footy in edits is like editing to MGMT, and we know that Janoski already used the intro song (the name of the video is animal farm, what other song could we use?). We also know that most of us aren’t very good at boarding but feel free to remind us in the comment section.

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  1. Animal Farm
    Animal Farm says:

    If anyone wants some Animal Farm creatures, send us a self addressed envelope to:

    Animal Farm
    PO Box 526224
    SLC, UT 84152

    And ye shall receive…

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