The Final Rejected Edits of November


If you’re going to send us your edit, you’d better be prepared for rejection. Especially if it is not exported correctly, out of focus, excessively long, something we’ve already run a bunch of edits of or entirely filmed on foot high park boxes. Our standards aren’t really that high here people, but at least be realistic about what you’re sending us. And if we do reject you, there’s no need to be offended, after all, we are “really just a couple of annoying writers that couldn’t get a job at a real magazine/blog.”

Coolbeans from the Critters

The Critters Crew was really going for something with this edit. We appreciate the “concept” but we kind of liked it better when the Bang Show did it.

It’s on TV internet episode 1 season2

This year, the Swedes are taking their web series “global” and actually, this has a lot of potential, until the 15th or so shot on the corrugated tube. The episode may get better after that, but we stopped watching.

Welcome Back to the Hood


We are biased that Mt. Hood is sweet because you know, we live here. But we also know that no one else cares enough to watch ANOTHER Hood Opening edit. And since this one came with the disclaimer: “I know the video quality is not great, but we’re poor high school students saving for a better camera. Also, the filming is a bit shaky, but we promise, we’re working on it,” watch at your own risk.

2010 SnoMotion Webisode 1

Our initial inclination was the reject this one on the grounds of the artsy double letter box exporting (maybe that’s what they were going for?) but then at :57, well, you’ll see.

  • Z

    The Critter’s was the worst thing I’ve literally ever watched. I haven’t watched the rest yet, because I had to write about how bad that one was.

  • Z

    Also, hell yeah to the Lindley session, I shot photos there early this year, that rail’s tight.

  • i think all of those were pretty bad except for coolbeanz

  • some guy who is a big deal in the snowboard industry

    wow that coolbeans video is just totally cool!

  • no wonder these were denied

  • Steve

    I think you forgot to add “excessive swivels” to the list of reasons to reject a video. Not that they were excessive in the minute or so I watched of each of these.

  • The last video.. why are you hitting little tubes when its dumping? Go ride pow man! Rails are around everyday!

  • matt

    there were no swivels in the hood edit

  • mn

    the first one was so bad. that editing is neither cool nor funny

  • mark

    The kids in the welcome back to hood video look like assholes

  • matt

    how we were giving out high fives and pounds all day

  • AshBlaster

    why would u send an edit to yobeat with duck ass rollerbladers on snow? idiots…

  • dave8

    lol matt, get off your period

  • nancy

    STOP USING BROTHER LYNCH! your not a hood ass g foo crip blood hood dawg homie O.G. none of you are. except andrew nagel

  • matt

    lol dave8 how am i on my period

  • ezra

    dont worry, i took one for the team and watched the rest of the swedish edit, no it did not get better.

  • mn

    the hood edit was really bad

  • jerm

    i think this section should be called “just because you filmed it doesnt mean anyone needs or wants to see it”. rejected edits is good but, lets get to what youre really trying to say.

  • jerm

    i feel like the last video people said to themselves, “what kind of videos does yobeat put online?” and then tried to make the worlds worst possible version of that. i think you shoud start a new section “let em have it” and just post one of these videos a month, just to show them what they have coming

  • zeech

    watch my part in the hood edit

  • matt

    zeech aka sebastien?

  • ryanmo

    dude, nagel cool beans!

  • Gp

    the coolbeanz video was the worst thing God ever let happen, we are all dumber now after watching that.

  • Carter

    Tubes in the last edit looked fun. I need to build something like that

  • ryan

    i just wasted a solid 2 minutes watching the beginings of these…

  • snomotion

    haha no more skiers in my edits… i dont know why my video came out all small and dumb?!?!

  • yaddamistahfabby

    in that last video that rail has a pretty gnarly inrun

  • Mike

    Today finally boulder opens. I wish we had snow to produce shitty edits already.

  • maxhelm motsvorg

    radical legumes

  • Nor’east Fucktard

    its 630 am and i havent slept all night. now i cant go to sleep because of that fucking cool beans edit.

  • Why did I make myself look at these “amazing” videos?

  • brett

    what is a skier doing on yobeat?