Ilusive Clothing Gets a New Look

Yeah, sure, it’s true, there are way too many companies out there, however: Ilusive is the brainchild of one hardworking, shred-loving Portland, Oregon based kid, and guess what, his gears pretty neat too, so we back it. With facemasks, beanies, bandanas, shirts and shades this operation can get you set up for a cheap price. Here’s what the owner had to say;

Ilusive was established to make quality products with unique style. We design for all weather use, from harsh winter conditions to hot summer days. Our influence is snowboarding, skateboarding, skiing, art, video design, music, fashion and the outdoor lifestyle of the Northwest. We want you to stay protected and in style wherever you play.”

Ilusive has been around for a minute, but with a fresh line and savvy new site, it’s time to give Ilusive a look. Check out the new and improved site HERE, where you can check the stuff, the video heavy blog and an awesome contest with a $100 prize.

  • tyler

    First of all, Ilusive is a great company with effin rad gear. Secondly if you ever get the chance to shred with grant you’ll probably come out a better person. Now is a tuff time for any bizz, especially up and coming bizz’s but Illusive has something most others don’t and thats class my friends.

  • Ilusive is awesome! Grant Abbet is a great guy who cares about his sport and puts passion and creativity into everything he does. Ilusive and SNS have teamed up on many design and video projects in the past, including this current one to design a sick bandana:

    Ilusive always comes through when supporting shred heads is involved. They make super steezy gear and always come up with fresh designs.

  • yaddamistahfabby

    i bought one of those balaclava things from illusiv and it’s pretty rad!!

  • Mr. G

    Grant is a straight homie with awesome products. Ilusive all the way

  • jill

    I broke my pair of ilusive shades and sent them back to the company. Got them back in about week! Dont know if they fixed them or just sent me a new pair but i was stoked.