Avalanche Danger Does Exist

Now that everyone has a GoPro permanently implanted into their hands, it was only a matter of time before a first-person video of a real live avalanche popped up this season. Seven Years Winter found this video of a little slide on Mt. Baker’s Hemispheres that could have been much, much worse. We just wanted to take this very scary video as an opportunity to send a reminder to know the conditions, wear a transceiver and obey the rules. Riding powder is fun, but it’s not worth dying for. Please be safe this season!

Links: wainsworld.tumblr.com via Seven Years Winter

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  1. Aaron
    Aaron says:

    “That was the first episode of that,” he says. What’s the second episode going to be like? Him groaning in pain because he was maytaged 1500 ft down a mountain, pin-balled of a few trees and rocks, his back is bokren and he is slowly suffocating to death while buried under 10 feet of avy debris?

    Sounds great. Make sure his mom sees it so she can start a non profit dedicated to the eradication of avalanches and backcountry riding. “If the resorts and Forest Service had only done their jobs and fixed the avalanches Joey never would have been killed. I don’t want other parents to feel my pain so, together, we can force these resorts to raise fees while we accelerate global warming.”

    All those jokers in the slide path are lucky nobody died but it’s not entirely their fault. If the videos showcasing the sick lines and vistas of backcountry riding also showed the amount of gear and training it takes to keep those riders safe then the lemmings might understand the inherent danger and game of percentages that comes with backcountry riding.

  2. Jimbo
    Jimbo says:

    Seriously??? This is why you look uphill when you finish a backcountry run… Not at your homies, and not at your reflection in the gopro shell…

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