Whistler -40 Degree Opener


All I’ve heard coming out of BC lately is how old it is. Wah, it’s so cold. Boohoo. I thought you guys were CANADIANS!? Wayne Gretzky would not be proud. A few recent Ontario transplants braved the -40 c temps (with windchill) and made it happen opening week in Whistler. Guess what, it was “still better than Ontario.”

In order: Ben Poechman, Gordon Birnie, Adam Franks, Chris Fellner

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  1. Ben Rupp
    Ben Rupp says:

    Whistler gets friggin cold. Being from the Pacific NW I thought I had cold weather on lock down….then I went to Whistler in mid December a few years ago… froze my balls complete off… after an emergency trip to the hotel to put literally (and I mean the dictionary definition of the word not the teenage girl useage), all of the clothes that I brought with me on…I survived long enough to get some runs in.

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