It’s Saturday. If you’re not snowboarding, then you clearly should be sitting on the internet watching free snowboard videos, such as this one from Germany’s 21Inch.

Riders: Michael Botzenhart, Robert Butscher, Martin Denz, Patrick Hiob, Maximilian Lanzl, Daniel Rajcsanyi, Philipp Schuster, André Schmidt, Philipp Ramhofer and Tobi Theisen.

A film by Jakob Preischl

  • ezra

    that daniel kid is fucking good!

  • jerm

    some very skeptical swivel boarding

  • Mel Gibson

    Way too much effort put into this movie for how horrible the riding was

  • damistake


  • minnesotanice

    euro thuggery. some good jibbery though.

  • K

    really enjoyed this

  • OP

    daniel was also in the first rejected edit, right?

  • i fucking hate flying, and airports

  • spencer

    not to hate but..

  • Nor’east Fucktard

    i enjoyed it