Sur La Rue with Will Lavinge Finally Sees Snow

Even though I am Canadian, I have something to be thankful for today. I made it to Breckenridge (finally) and there is so much snow here! It is pretty cold, it was -16 (about 3 degrees American) yesterday. We made due though, and I put together this mini edit with Alex Cantin, Louif Paradis, Phil Jacques and Franc April, riding pow.

That was fun. In other news:

Before flying to Colorado I stopped at the Rome office in Burlington before to grab a few things. We rolled a few dice.

Cavan took all the money we had, something like 4 bucks.

The plane was full when I got on. My seat was the last one in the back and I ended having 3 empty seats for me. Yahhh!!! I was hoping nobody would come to ask me to share the three seats but obviously, someone asked. I said NO! Just kidding, we shared. Also, the TSA groping wasn’t that bad.

I was pretty stoked to see the boys when I got there, we celebrated by playing pool.

Alex was really into it.

Brooke asked me to say something about T-shirts for T-shirt week, so I was going to say how Frank’s T-shirt was pretty cool. Then I realized he’s got a glass of chocolate milk in one hand and some cognac in the other hand…

In other T-Shirt news, I got this T-shirt before going to CO. There is a neck warmer sewn on to it. Somehow this exists.

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