Boreal Team Challenge 2010


Filming wrapped up on Monday for the 2010 Boreal Team Video Challenge. We know how much you all love park videos, so you’re going to be super psyched to check out all of these! We kid, sort of. The first entry to touch down in our inbox comes from the Gremlinz.

Riders: Tyler Lynch, Matt Douglass, Niko Cioffi and Gucci

Next up we have some Boreal Boarding from bHappy.

Riders: Sammy Spiteri, Durell Williams, Max Tokunaga and Colton Morgan

Get In the Van made a video too.

Riders: Jordan Spohr, Johnny Brady, Blake Geis and Rob Balding

There’s cash and glory on the line for these videos. For all the details on the Boreal TVC click over to and keep checking back cause if last year was any indication, there are plenty more to come.

  • ble

    fuck yeah! good ol shreddin

  • That was sick, Tyler Lynch rules

  • Niko has the sickest style. Nice work boys.

  • Rap makes me sad…. but GBP makes me happy so it’s sweet

  • combo buffet? cool stuff

  • tl

    these fuckers should upload the tyler lynch edit with the Dylan song. that video would win any challenge. fuckin reelcomp

  • dylan dez

    ill all day

  • jerm

    cant beat gremlinz

  • fritz

    bhappy is the best

  • Scott

    lynch just oozin steeeezz

  • gremlinzzzzzz

  • GM

    Gremlinz Gucci GBP. What Eles..

  • Mitch


  • bhappy>gremlinz

  • Get real….

    I’ve backed GBP in the past… not anymore, shit is getting old. Go back to 2007. B Happy 4 Dayz

  • stop posting under my name!

  • Ralph Kucharek

    Get Real… your opinion doesn’t matter unless you post under your full name. Unless time travel is invented, I doubt they can go back to 2007.

  • LS

    gremlinzzzzzzzzzz ….. burrrrrr

  • fuck bhapppy durrell is a a pussy and doesent even like tallcans and who likes doubles routines overrated ya feel me i would talk shit about all of u but durrell is my only homiie overthere GBP …. witit

  • Niko Cioffi fucking murdered that park. Congrats to the GBP team. They slayed shit.

  • niko you seen me get down on some tallcans ima smack you next time i see you at incline or northstar bitch haha, you matty and tyler did work, good stuff homies.

  • bay area

    your all faggits. fuck boreal. fuck all of you. your outfits sucked dick. no sticker placement. your sponsors are buttfucking eachother watching this stupid fucking snowboard porn. you cunt puntin scallwag fuck heads. go listen to some bass necter. and then take fuckin fat mole.

  • oh yea and fuck you darrell

  • hahahaha those two comments are the greatest thing ever, will the real person stand up to this?

  • josh

    you know how chicks menstruate on week a month? Blake Geis menstruates three times a week, the one week he doesn’t he spends complaining about the past three weeks.

  • josh

    wait what

  • 1337pwner


  • robFIELD

    bhappy straight killin!

  • Dwayne

    That Aint Coffee Can,Nigga That 4Hundred Gran