(Formerly) Magic Mondays: BYB and A Minute at Keystone


Things have been a bit quiet from our Colorado department lately, as apparently John’s joined up with those slackers at the Bang Show. John is clearly trying to make it up to us though, with not one but two edits for your (Formerly) Magic Monday. First up, a few minutes at the Backyard Bang in Denver.

Unfortunately the SCION people were not down with the brand new car they provided getting destroyed, so that feature got closed off. So if flat-rail jams ain’t ya thing, enjoy a minute at Keystone.

Featured actors: Jon Stark, Jordan Daniels, Jessi Huege, Nate Lavik, Paul Buck, Andrew Yoder and Cole Linzmeyer

If that ain’t ya thing, they go do something else. thebangshow.blogspot.com

Edits by John Cywinski

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  1. jerm
    jerm says:

    ^but he is. you didnt know? besides that, pick a trick and stick with it. dont show your weird “well this happened so i did this and it worked out” shots.

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