Rejected Edits: Opening Day Edition


The Internet is a funny place, and when you spend every day looking at it, it’s easy to turn into a hater. So we just want to make it clear that what may come across as “hate” in these posts, is actually “love” in Internet terms. Oscar Wilde once said, “the only thing worse than being talked about, is not being talked about,” and remember those wise words as you dive into this week’s rejects, loosely based around the joyous occasion of opening day.

Zombie Death Crew
and Cats of Anarchy at Mammoth Opening Day

The rest of the snowboard media is a lot closer to Mammoth than us, not to mention a couple of bloggers, so we kinda feel like this Mammoth opening day thing was beat to death already. Sorry dudes.

Wild Mountain Opening Weekend from Mooveee Productions

This video was sent with a disclaimer, “beginning 20 isn’t entertaining, bear with us.” Well kids, they say most people lose interest in videos on the internet in the first 10 seconds actually, so next time, maybe just cut that shit out.

Hirschy Labs
A Basin Opener

We’ve been sitting on this one for awhile now, not really wanting to subject our friends at Hirschy Labs to the inevitable Internet hate that comes with downbox edits. But really seemed like it would be the icing on the cake for this here post, so enjoy. (And also don’t miss the premiere of Real As it Gets tonight, we keep hearing about it on facebook.)

Buck Hunters Remembrance Day

The Buck Hunters must not have been too offended about being rejected last week, cause they sent in another edit. Though it’s not technically “opening day,” Remembrance Day is still a special occasion. And in this they really show off their Canadian-ness, as they celebrate the holiday, which we assume is much like our Veterans Day. It looks like this week they figured out how to export, but damn, clean your lens!

Hagfish Teaser

We’ve started getting specific requests to have videos appear in this section, so even though this isn’t Opening Day (or even recent) we figured we’d throw it in. What’s wrong with this video you may ask? Well, it’s a teaser for a movie that’s never going to come out. Next time dudes, just call it an edit.

That’s the best of the worst for this week. I know what you’re thinking. No Tranny Finders! Well, after what we did to them on Thursday, we figured it would be nice to give them a week off. See, we have a heart. Sort of.

  • ooobabyilikeitrawww

    wow no tranny finders in this one? come on. no one beats the trannys.

  • Logy B

    couldnt make it through any of em

  • jerm

    wild mtn, a basin, and buck hunter videos were soooooo bad.

  • fuck yobeat

    fuck you guys
    you claim to be against internet hate but this in it self is hate
    so fuck you guys for thinking you are some big shot blog that everyone cares about when your are really just a couple of annoying writers that couldnt get a job at a real magazine/blog
    dont comment back cause i dont care if you “chose” to start this ish or about your witty return remark
    i wont be reading yobeat again

  • 84105

    haha, canadians have the worst armed forces ever ehh ? (kinda like those french bitches), watch out for the mountee ehh? and sharpen those skates cuz this year is gunna be an awesome curling season? Im all aboot training!!!!

  • Ben R

    Where in the hell is Wild Mountain? and more importantly why bother opening 100 yards of shit snow with one jib on it? I hope none of these kids paid to ride what they could have made in their backyards. If I watch one more opening day “tiny little park” run video… well not sure what I’ll do…

  • Canada ayyy

    ^ agreed with this guy..nobody likes canada except mexicans and people who cant make it into AMERICA….hope you dont get hurt cuz your sketchy as fuck and your free health insurance aint gunna do shit

  • Fonzie

    Using shitty rap (not to be confused with good hip hop) in edits is so hit or miss…

  • john

    first video is 4minutes and 20 seconds hhehehehe

  • Thirsty Convoy

    bunch of dykes

  • gayfag

    the last one was kinnda tight

  • K

    Once a song is used for Grenier’s part in Bon Voyage consider it no longer for the taking. It does no justice elsewhere.

  • JEA

    First of all- all the hate against canadians is unnecessary. we don’t care what you ‘amerrrrrrcans’ think. there are enough border-wars going on in youtube comment threads. get over yourselves.

    I liked the Buck Hunter edit. not the best i’ve ever seen, but better than the Hirschy Labs one. Dude in the yellow was tight.

    **(and yes, Remembrance Day is just like Veterans Day, but we tend to focus on Vimy Ridge a lot. gotta have pride).

  • k

    First one was pretty tight.
    The song kinda made me wanna kill myself though…

  • jheels

    the best part of the hirschy labs one was when they ate shit, never seen anyone try as hard to have style as them.

  • jheels

    and the hagfish one was fuckin sweet

  • Amerrrcan

    We are not hating on canadians to be rude, we just find it humorous that we could overtake your country in a matter of three days or so if our military leaders wished it. All of these are pretty lame. Those hagfish kids need to spend a bit more time LANDING tricks and less time playing with their fancy camera/sleds/intro if they ever want to make their video.

  • wildo

    that’s a sweet foot wide rail, hirschy labs

  • Tom

    Everybody knows the world hates Canadians and loves Americans.

  • Mike

    Canada sucks because it wasn’t worth rebelling against the British for, unlike Amerika where in 1776 asses was whooped.

  • donald trump

    abasin was guys hiked the down box when there is a down rail n flat rail next to it..get the fuck witit

  • mn

    hagfish isnt a teaser for a movie thats never going to come out. it explains what it is teasing in the video itself. just because it isnt teasing a full length movie doesnt mean its not a teaser..

  • John Bonner

    god these all sucked ass

  • Matt C

    the mammoth one was dope and i want to shred that park at the beginning of the hagfish vid. also it would be sick to watch the whole video…one day

  • Foley

    The Wild one was good actually besides the editing, last trick was dope. The Hagfish one was sick too

  • Wild Mtn admitted the first 20 seconds we bad.

    Sadly the remaining 4:30 were not any better.

  • woo!
    thanks for the post!
    maybe I will finish the video