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If you read last week’s Commenting Back, then you may remember where I said this:

PBR on November 10th, 2010 said, “Will someone teach me the thumb through the aluminum trick??? Ive seen the russians do it like it aint a thing but I always just strain my video game finger trying to bust this move out. Is nail required? or should I play skate 3 for hours on end before I try it again…?”

Who posts under the alias “PBR” and then asks for drinking advice? Unless you want God to hate you forever you’re going to have to redeem yourself. So send in a video of you not only thumbing a damn can, but doing so outside. Sounds like you need to get off your videogame lovin’ ass.

Well, I guess it worked, cause I got this email response:

Once you called me out Nick, I was on some next level shit to get a video of me shotgunning a beer, no knife required. We hit the Grog shop for some Pabst and went up to our newly formed jump line…only to find it destroyed by some asshole snowplow-man. Anyway, we scratched together a mound or two, grew out our fingernails (which is pretty difficult for Alaskan fishermen, you have no idea), and got some shots. We also got pretty damn buzzed at around four in the afternoon, so for that, we thank you 🙂 Please excuse the shitty filming as I’m the only dedicated snowboarder within 150 miles, and my friends just wanted to get drunk not document. Thanks again for the inspiration and if any jobs open up here at YOBEAT…holla’ atchya boy!

Well PBR, I’m happy to help! But seriously, you don’t want to work at YoBeat. That admin is a real bitch.

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  1. Addison
    Addison says:

    Get a GRIP! Drink a ‘gansette!

    “Made on honor, sold on merit”…. to bad no PBR drinkin’ sallywaggers have enough merit to buy themselves a cold Gansette!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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